Copywriting Codex: Disney Part 3: Goofy and the Dual Nature of Copywriters

This is the last Codex here at Fiction and Copy Decoded for the Disney series (here’s part one and two for those who missed ’em).

Today is about Goofy–the dog who’s seen with Mickey and Donald a lot. He’s klutzy most of the time (in one cartoon, he tried to set up a home gym, and ended up launching himself out of a window).

I read several books growing up that Goofy was in. One of those books was “Mickey Mouse and the Best Neighbor Contest.”

Donald gave hot air balloon rides, and everyone else got their projects together. Goofy got stuck deciding what to do, instead of doing something (which is a subject for another post).

But one thing stood out to me. At the end, we find out that Goofy helped others with their projects and booths–even though it looked like he wasn’t doing a thing.

What has this got to do with copywriting, anyway? It doesn’t–at least not on the surface.

Sometimes email copywriters, and copywriters generally, can play a similar role.

Because of everything they study, copywriters have a wealth of knowledge about business techniques, marketing, and more that they draw on to write for themselves or their clients. And that applies to emails, sales letters, or any type of marketing.

Which means copywriters can be like Goofy–helping others with things they need to do, but have no time for. Things like finding new advertising media to try, thinking about new ways to approach prospects, and so on–not to mention writing the copy for these projects.

And that’s where the real magic is.

Did you enjoy this Codex series about Disney characters? What stood out to you as helpful? Drop me a comment below. And don’t forget to vote in the poll, all right?

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Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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