How a Car Commercial Can Help You Write Better

Have you seen any “And Is Better” commercials for the Ford Fusion?

Two people are driving along, talking about gas mileage and other features, and one of them says that having both is better than having one or the other. One of them suggests another scenario where “and” is better than “or.”

The ones I’ve seen are:

Loud or clear

Hide or seek

Nuts or bolts (my personal favorite)

Which made me wonder–what gets people involved with cars, books, or really anything?

Granted, Ford makes truckloads of money each year, just because they’re them. They also have built up expectations over the years.

Fiction writers and copywriters don’t advertise cars (usually). But are there things we could learn from this, without straying into the field of just too clever?

Some thoughts:

Humor is good. But once is enough. Could you imagine what would have happened if Ford put more than one of these ideas into a single commercial? It could have lost focus. For one email, story, or what-have-ya, a lot of times once is enough (marketing is a whole different animal, but I’m referring to one instance here, not an entire strategy).

Focus on what matters. Ford zooms in and focuses on what features would matter most to their customers about their new car, and then illustrates why. After all, what if you did have to choose? Not a good thing, this commercial tells us. Not choosing is better. And it’s a major benefit, to boot.

Keep it short, maybe. With pieces like sales letters and novels, this may not work. And writing long emails and stories may work well for you or your clients. But there are some times short is good. And Ford packed a lot into these 30 second (or so) commercials.

Do you have a favorite Ford Fusion commercial? Drop me a line in the comments.

Years ago, Mom told me she thought I watched commercials because I viewed them as entertainment, along with TV and movies.

I think she was right.

I’ll be doing my own “and” instead of “or” post (one for fiction writers, one for copywriters), here in a bit. Keep an eye out.

Until next time,



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