The Best 54 Cents I Ever Spent…

I wrote a post last year about being freaked out after I spent some money–you can read that post here.

So today, I thought I’d write about something I bought that had a positive impact.

And it didn’t cost a lot, either.

There’s not a whole bunch of things you can buy for 54 cents anymore, right? So what exactly was it?

A Snickers bar? Cool, but no.

A super bounce ball? Those are fun (bad for outside), but that’s not it either.

It was actually…

A dry erase board.

Walgreens had a sale on these–each board was originally $4.99, and they were marked down to 50 cents each–pen included.

I bought two, even after I waffled back and forth about whether to buy one or not.

One side of the board was marked with a calendar-esque month-at-a-glance set-up. You can write in the numbers and month name, and it has little spaces for notes.

The other side is blank.

Now, this board isn’t big–only somewhat bigger than a regular piece of notebook paper. It’s not teeny, but it’s not huge either.

And “dry erase” means I don’t make a mess with tissues and water. Which is always a good thing.

I have both boards hanging in my room, one with the blank side forward, and one with the calendar side.

And if you’re a writer, a dry erase board can be a huge help for you, depending. And it doesn’t matter if you write fiction, emails, or both.

I use the board with the calendar side out to write in deadlines for projects I’m working on, if applicable (which encourages me to get things done before the deadline).

The board with the blank side out is the one I use to track which online magazines are open for submissions, as well as any particular quirks a magazine may have.

And I’m still learning how to write on the boards. I think I might erase something as I’m writing something else, you know? I also need to learn how to write smaller (on paper, my writing is HUGE, by the way).

So far, I’m really happy with the dry erase boards I bought. Sure, I still use monthly calendars and notebooks, but for the little things that change quickly, a dry erase board is great.

I might have to look into getting a bigger board soon–it would be great for characters and plots that I’m working on. Or seeing a visual representation of a storyline, or email series.

What kinds of tools do you use to help plan out your writing? Drop me a line in the comments, and let me know.

Until next time,



About Ty Mall

Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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