American Idol’s Almost Over, Plus Fab Fiction Friday…

How’s it going?

Things were pretty cool over here, last night. Another results show for American Idol. We’re down to the final two contestants. If you’ve been following it, you know who they are. If not, I’ll give you a hint–two dudes won’t be in the finale–at least not to compete to figure out who the winner’s going to be.

Don’t know what I’ll write about on Fridays after the show’s over—Idol’s 13th season will be in the history books (just like the month of May in a few weeks).

I was really impacted by the hometown visits of the Top Three. I’ll cover why next Friday, so you’ll have to hold on until then.

On another note, every Friday here at Fiction and Copy Decoded, I (usually) post a prompt for you to work on—just for fun, to stretch your creative muscles and help you (and me) work on storytelling, characterization, intrigue, and what-have-ya.

Here it is, for this week:

A good friend calls you, panicked. You ask them what’s wrong, and they say they need to meet you in private to talk it over. This has never happened before, and your friend is normally a calm person. What do you do next, and what happens?

I’m thinking of the ideas already.

There’s a lot of directions this can be taken—that’s what prompts are for.

One piece of the puzzle that comes to the forefront for this one (at least to me) is the background, or backstory, of both characters. I’ve told a little bit in the prompt (“your friend is normally a calm person”) that you can show as you flesh out this prompt into a full story.

You can also make this story any genre you want (mainstream, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, thriller, and so on).

And here’s a bonus challenge—how many different combinations of plot, setting, and character can you come up with, based on this one prompt? Start with things like:

Where is the friend calling from? (parking garage, house, public pool, what-have-ya)

What leads your main character to that conclusion?

Does your main character care about your friend’s plight? Why or why not? I know I said a good friend, but good friends can have a lot of ups and downs. Is the main character in YOUR story with this prompt underneath “friend stress”?

Is this call a prank? Not my cup of tea, but sometimes things happen to the suckers—er, unsuspecting.

Hope that gives you some ideas to get started.

And since today’s Friday, I have to say it…

Make it an awesome weekend.

Until next time,



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