Who Won American Idol, Why I Watched It, and Fab Fiction Friday!

It’s Friday, and almost time to start the weekend, which means Fabulous Fiction Friday here at Fiction and Copy Decoded.

Before we get to that, I said I’d tell you about the Idol finale, who won it all, and why I watch the show in the first place. I’ve revealed bits and pieces here and there, but I’ll try to lay it all out today.

First a short account of the show. It was two hours–mostly building up to the Moment We Figure Out Who Won It All.

So after Jena sang with Paramore, her favorite band (and everyone got showered with yellow balloons)…

And Caleb sang with Kiss (and his brother Houston got introduced to the members of his favorite band on stage)…

Ryan Seacrest sang a song with Richard Marx (and for being untrained, Ryan wasn’t bad!)…

The judges sang a medley together, and a few of the Top Ten got to sing with a famous artist…

Sam Woolf with Phillip Phillips…

Jessica Meuse with Jennifer Nettles…

Malaya Watson with John Legend…

Jena with Demi Lovato…

It was time to figure out who the winner was.

So after all that build-up…

Caleb Johnson won it all.

He sang part of his song “As Long As You Love Me” (not the Justin Bieber song of the same name. The first verse, he didn’t sing anything, because he was occupied with receiving congratulations, and giving hugs and all that jazz.

I have a few reasons why I watch American Idol. I like to see the journey of the contestants–watching them struggle as they wonder if they made it through the next round or not, feeling sad for them as they have to pack up (and watching the light with their picture get turned off–a first for this season), thinking about how much they’ve been through, and just genuinely connecting with them.

But the biggest reason is…

Watching someone realize their dream.

People audition for Idol because they want to be famous, or get paid to sing, or make a living doing something they’ve always wanted to do.

Isn’t that the kind of success we want to see in our own lives? To do what we love, and get paid well for it?

Isn’t that the kind of success you want for yourself? Doesn’t that inspire you?

Now, granted, not all of us are going to be double-platinum recording artists or whatever. There are people who need to listen to the music, too. Who would go to concerts to enjoy what performers had to offer? Or read books, or download mp3s from iTunes, or what-have-ya?

And there are other folks in radio who like to be around the music business itself, no matter how well they can personally sing.

They just love it that much.

Success is different for different people. Some people like free time, or travel. And other people wouldn’t give a rip about customizing a car someone else would spend hours on, because their lifestyle allows them to do that.

I’m actually going to use Idol as the inspiration for the Fabulous Fiction Friday prompt.

Here you go:

Nothing’s stopping you from having an awesome life. Money and time aren’t factors. You can go where you want, do what you want, when you want to. What is your life like?

Write this prompt as fiction. Go ahead. Just write it down. Make yourself the main character. After you’re done letting the ideas flow, and letting your imagination take you away to your perfect future…

Ask yourself what you can do to turn that future into reality.

And then go make it happen, a little bit at a time. One email, query, draft, or rejection at a time.

To me, writing is about connecting to people, exploring emotions, and creating characters that reveal what we think about others (and ourselves!)

American Idol lets me live that out, without writing a word.

So what about you? Whether you watched Idol or not, do you watch reality TV to get a glimpse into others’ lives, to get inspiration, or some other reason? Drop me a line in the comments, and let me know.

And make it an awesome weekend, too, all right?

Until next time,



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