An Accident, Crates Of Veggies, And Tons Of Cars Down A Small-Town Road

How was your weekend? Awesome, I hope.

Let’s get to it. On the weekly shopping trip (that I get so much literary exposure and awesome ideas from), I saw the aftermath of an accident on the way into Morris (the town that’s the first leg of the trip).

Evidently two trucks had collided or something—one truck had the driver-side door crunched and was missing its trailer, which had tipped over. Part of the trailer was damaged, like giant fingers had started peeling the aluminum. I could see some kind of wrapped green veggies (cabbage? lettuce?) and part of some wooden crates peeking out of the trailer as we rolled past. There might have been a veggie or two on the road or in the ditch.

Got about half of the normal shopping done, like always. On the way out of town, traffic started backing up. Uh-oh.


Mainly because I live in a part of the Midwest where traffic almost NEVER gets backed up. There’s not that many people and traffic flows, no problem.

When we’d been going the other way, I’d forgotten how far up the road that truck accident was.

Road workers directed everybody to an exit that was several miles before the one we normally take. This exit led to a town I’d only been to once or twice.

Gotta roll with things, I guess—not like we could run through two trucks with those flashing arrow things on the back.

So that means there’s a whole bunch of cars going to this exit off to the right. Half a mile of cars—maybe more.

So we take the left after that to go into Marseilles (not the French one), along with all these other cars.

But the cars take the next right after that, no traffic-directing needed. Should we follow along? We thought about going into town and catching another road, but ended up following along–people seemed to know where they were going.

After the miles (it seemed like) of cars moved from the interstate to this offshoot road, we started to crawl along, again.

Eventually we made it out, and took a left on to the road that was a couple miles outside the town we were heading toward in the first place.

Which got me thinking about trends.

People tend to follow people they know, or things they know. Or people they know, who are trying out things they aren’t familiar with.

And that doesn’t only mean trends in social media, but also with blogs. Things like doing list posts all the time—“7 Great Tips For Better Dialogue You Can Use Today,” or what-have-ya. Not a bad idea…telling someone how and why they’ll benefit is great. There’s a place to think both inside and outside the box.

But what really matters with trends is not why someone else is doing it, it’s…

Why are you?

Is it just because somebody else is? Or is it because you’d like to try something out, or you think something may be effective, and so you want to give it a shot?

I admit I fall into this from time to time and need to climb out.

Whether you’re doing something you’ve always done, or looking at something new, do your best to remember why you want to get involved.

Or you could end up on a road where no one knows where they’re going.

Until next time,



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