Moving Day And Falling Skies

Hope you had an awesome weekend. And no, this is not a post-apocalyptic article about the end of the world.

Today’s also Labor Day (or Labour for you Canadian folks out there). I celebrated by, uh, laboring. For some reason, my mind seems a little more relaxed though, and that’s good.

Things will make sense shortly…I hope. Because I want to rewind to yesterday.

Moving day.

I went to help my cousin Jason (he’s the one with the couch and love seat I mentioned before). We ended up going to the wrong house to start with–we were supposed to show up at the soon-to-be-old house and start loading. But we went to the new house instead. That put us behind by about 20 minutes–not bad at all.

All I can say is, my cousin got lots of mileage out of me and my brother. He had several couches, tables, large chairs, headboards, TVs, and so on that needed to be moved. He had a friend of his who helped, too…and I’m almost positive part of a couch hit me in the face–my own doing, pretty much.

Jason’s wife had me move a concrete statue–I wondered why she needed my help until I tried to pick it up; it was only a little higher than my knee, but the thing felt like it weighed 50 pounds.

Jason rounded up a bunch of food for the movers from McDonalds (the food was, not the movers). One of his sons will only eat plain chicken sandwiches from there, and apparently, we got shorted a few beef patties by accident, but I didn’t mind–I was still trying to wrap my head around buying 5 large fries for about 9 people.

So after two loads of things that we dropped off (and a thorough explanation from my uncle about the virtues of high-speed internet and its impact on online work), my brother and I went with Jason to his sister’s house to drop off a table, chairs, a dresser, and more that wouldn’t fit in his new house.

That was a laugh riot–especially seeing him move a couple John Deere riding mowers that we probably weren’t supposed to–I don’t know. We needed to get to the trailer, and they were in the way. We put them back approximately where we found them.

Some equipment has idiosyncrasies, Jason told us, and it helped to know what they were, if at all possible (in this case, a broken knob on something). He had to fiddle until the parking-brake-esque doohickey got unstuck.

Jason’s the kind of family member you’d want to hang out with even if you weren’t related. Maybe you’ve got several people like that in your family, too. Everyone deserves at least one.

Jason also told us after he dropped us back home (with the love seat and couch) that his house was sold. Awesome. There had been a few bumps along the way, but I’m glad that that’s taken care of. He gets a clean start with a new house, and gets the old house off his mind.

Got some mowing done after we got back, and then I watched Falling Skies–the season finale. It’s a post-apocalyptic show with alien life forms of various kinds–and I do enjoy a good alien every now and then, believe me. Falling Skies is just not a show I’d kept up on a lot. I figured the season finale was as good a time as any to jump in.

So what’s the point? I try to ask you guys every Monday if you had an awesome weekend, and for me, this weekend was one of those–even if I’m having difficulty holding my arms over my head because of all the heavy lifting yesterday.

Anyway, the point. Here it is…

Keep your eyes and ears open if you’re a marketer, writer, or anyone willing to learn. Because everything that comes into your mind helps you express yourself and grow as a writer, as well as a person.

Like having to put a decorative stand back together using an Allen wrench and some brass screws. Or having part of a couch bump your face.

If you’ve got family you can have a blast with, drop me a line in the comments. What have you learned from them when you least expected it?

Until next time,



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