How A Wedding Inspired Triple F…

Hope your week’s been going great. After I went to a wedding, I figured the experience would come out in various ways here at Fiction And Copy Decoded.

Which means Triple F.

But what inspired it was a combination of the wedding, and what happened to me before the wedding. I told my boss (not the same one as my last project), that I was going to go to the wedding. Since I started off by saying “wedding reminder” in the subject line of my email, I thought it best to say it wasn’t me, so I wouldn’t pass around a wrong idea.

I got this hilarious email back.

I could still be involved, it said. Especially if I objected at the wedding, and then Hollywood might possibly get involved and buy the story…

Anyway, you get the general idea.

Which leads me to your prompt for Fabulous Fiction Friday:

You’re at a wedding. Something happens to interrupt the ceremony before it’s done. What is it, and what happens next?

Now, the cool part.

I don’t mean “If anyone knows why these two should not be married, speak now, or forever hold your peace.” That’s a source for built-in conflict for any fiction writer, but that’s a little too simple for me (because it’s a fairly obvious source of conflict, and I’m me, and nobody else).

It’s an awesome idea to use from time to time, but I’d like you to think a little differently here.

Okay, we’ve got the characters, and a plot (to-be-married couple, wedding), but really no setting.

How’s about we go horror, and part of the Irish blessing said by the old preacher opens the infamous portal to Heck? Or a more true-to-life version, called Helleck? What goes on there? Is the married couple prepared to survive? What if they got married because they love each other, but they’re really a paladin and his warrior priestess, ready to kick tail as soon as the portal opens? And all because they knew the portal would open at the precise day of the year they decided to get married, because prophecy had to come true?

(That’s actually a bit longer than a short story–but it actually seems cool. I might actually have to come back here and write this thing!)

What if the alien bride grows another appendage before the robot preacher finishes up? Does the groom realize what it means? Does he grow a matching one, finally silencing naysayers who thought she was too good for him?

Okay, how about an Elvis impersonator crashing the wedding, because he got lost on the freeway? No objection, just random. How would you make that relevant to the rest of the story?

(Hey, I know a guy, who’s a friend of my brother’s, who MADE HIS OWN KNIFE). I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who can make their own things. How could that be relevant?

Maybe the groom admits he hasn’t finished his wife-to-be’s present, and that’s what stops the ceremony. Why is that important? A symbol of their love? Of his skill? Or is there something she needs to add to what he was supposed to have made to make it whole?

And I didn’t even mention that YOU could envision yourself as a member of the wedding party, or a guest, in the process of writing this. Even though I said “You’re AT [not IN] a wedding.”

All right, I think we’ve had enough fun. Well, for about the next hour, or so.

Today’s May 1st! April of 2015 is in the pages of history now.

Make it a great weekend, with awesome memories, all right?

Until next time,



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