Wedding 3 of 3, My Weekend, And Cows…

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Went to wedding 3 of 3. One of my cousins got married in Wisconsin, at a barn they use for that kind of thing. I guess people rent it out to do things (like get married).

The place was so booked, last weekend was the only one he could get. Which meant we all came face to face with these…

And nature was right outside...literally.

And nature was right outside…literally.

I tried to get other pictures to load up, but for some reason the machines are not cooperating right this minute. I did actually pat one of the cows on its head (and if you’re wondering, and you do know who you are, yes, I HAVE seen cows before).

On to the rest of the adventure.

They detoured us around the cows, though (didn’t want people to get you-know-what on their shoes and/or clothes).

The bride and groom had grown up and lived in the town where the wedding was held–basically been there all their lives. They had a lot of the same friends in common, which was good. The Pachelbel Canon got another play as the bride walked down the aisle (the same as the Omaha wedding I went to. Hmm…) They also had nice music in the background as we filed in the upstairs area of the barn (downstairs being the reception area–and the location of the rigged-up lights made from automatic milkers with bulbs stuck in ’em).

At this wedding, I also got to see a lot of my family from Wisconsin that I don’t see very often at all, which made it special (maybe that was further plussed by having to wear a suit for 3 out of the past 4 weeks, I have no idea). Suits for special occasions, and all that.

Oh, and the bride planned for us all to have beef. That was a nice surprise–we were going in a little blind on the food front.

Anyway, they had a board that had all the seating arrangements pinned to it with clothespins that were wielded (when not in more productive use) by shoemaker elves when nobody was looking. They were that small (the pins, not the…never mind).

We were table 22 at the reception, and it didn’t take us forever to get our food (although people who had gone to the rehearsal dinner said our little card had been moved…which means one of two things as far as distance from the eats).

At the reception, the bride and groom danced to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran as their first dance. Which was actually nice, because it’s one of those feel-good kinda tunes. Anyway, I was super-appreciative of the DJ, who did his best not to knock everyone’s ears off their heads.

I even got out on the dance floor (which I don’t have pictures of, and even if I did, I would NOT be showing them to you).

With all the eating, drinking, and dancing, we didn’t get back to the place we were staying (my uncle and aunt’s house), and collapse into bed (at least not me) until one–in the morning.

Sure, there are times I stay up past 10:00 at night. But it’s not too often (unless I have an attack of I.I.T.I.).

What’s my point about writing for all this? Not too much, except for the fact that people do things differently. My other cousin didn’t throw a bouquet or garter. At this Wisconsin wedding, they threw both. The food was simple and well-planned in all three weddings. But they all still involved people who cared about each other getting married.

The Wisconsin wedding had smore supplies. No one else did. Also, at my cousin’s wedding from two weeks back, I was NOT asked if I was the bus driver.

In Wisconsin, they did ask me. Maybe it was the suit, or people just wanted to get home, or were curious.

I also got information about my other cousins who are engaged to their girlfriends, and when they’re planning to get married. I knew about the engagements, just not the dates (years away, in one case).

Anyway, enough running on. Keep observing, keep writing, and keep up with what makes human life what it is. That’s living it. And if things go according to plan, tomorrow we’ll be talking about pipe.

Stay tuned.

Until next time,



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