My Promised Post About Pipe

How’s it going? I said last post we’d be talking about pipe.

Let’s get to it.

This has to do with basement and kitchen pipe specifically (and no, nothing ruptured or anything like that, thankfully). Our landlord decided to have a pipe guy come with him to take a look at things last week.

This Monday, they started the actual work.

Which meant no flushing the toilet or running any water. For about 6 or 7 hours, which wasn’t bad. When they left, we could use water in the whole bathroom, and only cold water from the kitchen sink. Which was fine. Just a little hot water from the tub for dishes, and that was that. Although when I took a shower, the water was super-rusty for about a minute or so. Almost like we could get chocolate milk from the tub. Ha.

Today, they’re finishing things up, with the sink and what-have-ya. One thing I do know they wanted to fix for sure was the kitchen sink pipe. Nothing wrong with them—they’re just super close to an outside wall, and there have been times in the winter we’ve had frozen cold water pipe. Yes, cold water. The hot was fine—probably because it’s warm all the time.

They’ve moved everything to PVC pipe instead of metal. Things were more difficult because the piping was a bit thrown together and hard to reach. But on the plus side, the pipes that feed into the washer aren’t backward (yeah, we used to have hot water come from the pipe on the RIGHT).

Not saying anything about construction people or work, because I know almost nothing about it. What I am saying is that there are better ways to accomplish things. But, if it were me having to lay pipe, I’d have told you to get somebody else. Know what I’m saying?

Beyond finding alternative ways to wash your hands without water, what’s my point?

Well, writing is like life, and pipe. Sometimes we’re given a situation and we have to deal with it. That could be getting a rejection letter (although they’re mostly emails now), having to juggle editing, managing, and feeling bad about not writing your own stuff as much as you feel you should, or what-have-ya.

What are you going to do? No, really. I didn’t really think about not running water (except having to remember NOT to run it). And I was able to do laundry yesterday and today, so that wasn’t a problem. Most days, laundry’s done by eight in the morning anyway, around here.

Some things are harder to deal with, sometimes from a convenience standpoint. And I couldn’t really say, “Hey, yeah, the pipes’re outdated and confusing, and need to be replaced, but, uh, could you do that maybe next year? So, I can, you know, flush the toilet today?”


They’re not exactly done yet, but they’re close. They’ve still got to run PVC pipe for the sink and toilet stuff. Until then, there are a couple more steps involved in doing dishes and bathroom jazz. But only for a while.

So if you’re stuck, thinking about being slowed down by circumstances, take a deep breath, and remember bathrooms, sinks, and replacement pipe.

And if you have to work around, give it a shot.

Until next time,



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