One Not-So-Obvious Difference Between Men and Women…

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty interesting. Went on the weekly shopping trip, but the usual other participant (Mom) was sick (come to think of it, I had had another bit of a throat thing to work through with soreness and coughing—maybe I relapsed)?

Long story short, Dad went to pick up Mom’s supplies.

So the bottom line was, instead of two people going on the Sunday shopping trip and being home at 4 p.m., they were home at about 11 or so a.m.

Yes, the differences between men and women. Or at least the majority of the two groups.

That could be the subject of several other posts on its own, but this is supposed to be a post about me jabbering about my weekend.

So I’ll try to stick to the point, here.

But how men and women shop is an interesting thing.

Seeing things from a different perspective is helpful, though. Men usually get only what’s on the list/what’s needed, and then leave. While a lot of women (my mom included) get what’s on the list, and then browse the entire store. Do I browse? Sure I do. Lots of things, and departments, in lots of stores.

One thing that confuses me, though, is why it doesn’t take me as long. I wonder what I’m NOT doing, if that makes any sense, to make the trip longer. Less browsing overall? Less thinking in between browses/browsings? Little to no list to work from?

Again, I don’t know. And I don’t know enough research to tell you the differences in shopping trip length for men and women.

What’s my point?

Perspective is everything. Men and women buy different things, for different reasons. And as far as writing, well, I won’t say women and men write different things out of habit, because there are authors who write in genres people wouldn’t suspect they would (like Nicholas Sparks being a romance writer). Maybe it’s just stereotypical, I have no idea.

Men and women do tend to read different genres though, even though that’s not 100% of the time either.

Consider your audience. And if you’re stuck for characterization or what-have-ya, ask yourself one crucial detail:

“How would they shop?”

And I guess I did get off-point, but if you’ve read to the end, I’m guessing you didn’t mind.

Until next time,



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