My Wild (Last) Week That Only Started With Wet Shoes…

How was your weekend? Mine was interesting. You may remember it rained a whole bunch in the Midwest last week, and I ended up getting super-wet shoes and socks. Turned out that was only the beginning of the woe.

Monday morning, I went downstairs to do laundry, only to find the basement flooded. Only about four-and-a-half inches, said a yardstick, and I made the mistake of stepping in that water (only with one shoe and sock this time, instead of both). With some things totally soggy, laundry was out. If I would have been more on the ball, I would have taken some pictures of this whole deal.

Got the landlord to come over with a plug-in pump to suck the water out and shoot it outside. Very good. And then I got the unpleasant surprise of finding out our phone was dead–the main line, not the one we use for the internet, which was odd.

The pump spent about 3-4 days doing its thing (and I didn’t know that without water/enough water, the pump automatically stops). That’s something I should know, or have figured out by now.

When the landlord came with the pump, he shut off the hot water heater–because it was submerged at the time, and water and electrical things, well…you know.

Which meant cold showers. But it was in the 80s or what-have-ya, so that wasn’t a big deal. Although a couple of days it was cloudy and muggy.

And I prefer to have my showers at least partially warm, but a flood’s a flood. Most of the water was gone by Thursday (meaning the empty laundry detergent bottles, plastic bags, and all that jazz weren’t floating like some cartoon shipwreck). Oh well. We’re getting through it. Everything’s about done.

I was up to my ears in editing, and incorporating feedback from the client’s client of sorts I’m working with. So as long as I didn’t have to go down to the basement, things weren’t too bad.

Don’t know what to say about all this from a writing standpoint, except that I’ve never had this experience before, with this much water. Damp is one thing, but water (COLD) up to your ankles (because you actually remembered SHOES OFF) is something else entirely.

Not an experience I want to repeat any time soon. And we did get the water heater back on, with only a day or so stoppage.

So when you’re stuck for…well, can’t really do that. Let’s say this–keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to your experiences. Note what you’re thinking and feeling, and it can (and probably will) come out later, whether it’s through a story, character, hook for an email story, or what-have-ya.

And a Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Sure, I know it was yesterday, but it’s nice to have a second reminder of the dadly impact on childrens’ lives, in general.

Until next time,



About Ty Mall

Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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2 Responses to My Wild (Last) Week That Only Started With Wet Shoes…

  1. Carole Mertz says:

    It’s these unexpected things that can get us writers going. Like this morning, picking up our mail at the P.O., I was staring ahead at a box behind the clerk, when suddenly I read, and registered, the sticker on the box: CREMATION REMAINS.

    You just don’t expect these things, but it starts the writer-wheels cranking. Right?

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