The Flooding’s Over: What Mud Can Teach You About Writing

How was your weekend? Things have perked up around here since last week and the flooded basement incidents. Especially since the flooding problem is solved!

All it took was 10 minutes and a 3,000 PSI water drill/special hose. (Pity I didn’t get pictures. By the time I realized they were running the machine, I didn’t really want to get in their way; and by the time it stopped, they were practically done).

The landlord said the guy didn’t even have to feed it in down the drain, unless it had encountered a problem. Otherwise the hose kinda sucked itself down the hole.

Apparently silt/dirt/sludge had worked its way into the basement sump/drain thing, and that’s why the basement wouldn’t drain.

And the blockage in the tile that stopped the flow of water was really close, not–only 100 feet away from the house. I did find out that the hole goes from the basement floor, and then a clay pipe/tile takes it to feed into the left-hand ditch near the road, about halfway down the length of the ditch (meaning I would have looked for that hole/opening on one end of the ditch and never found it in a million years).

(The water drill was on a trailer-type thing, by the way–it wasn’t some rinky-dink setup). It was cool seeing all that. I was also wondering how much money the rig raked in for the two guys with the trailer, but I didn’t think it’d be polite to ask, you know?

So after all that, and thanking the water-drill guys profusely, the landlord and I fed a hose down the hole to rinse it out. One hour on, four hours off.

And I also had to make sure that the sludge/silt/now-mud didn’t seep back down the hole we just got cleaned out. So I scraped that stuff up as well as I could, and dumped it in the field. I did the best I could–the hose guys told me to just let everything dry out completely and then sweep up the dust–but I’ve lived in the same spot for 5 years or so, and it’s never been 100% dry in the basement.

It’s just mud. The whole problem. Just soil and water. It caused a huge problem, though. I actually did laundry in the washer downstairs for the first time in over a week.

My point here?

Small things you’re unprepared for can cause huge problems. That includes plots that make holes, writing that reveals you didn’t research as well as you could/should have, or what-have-ya.

That’s what preparation, critiques, feedback from clients, and editors are for (among other things/folks/solutions).

Tomorrow’s July 1st. And that means the year is half over. Yikes! And June 2015 will be in the history books.

Usually I save that stuff for Friday, but that’s what happens when we get a month change midweek.

Those unexpected, unprepared-for changes.

Just like a little dirt mixed with water.

Until next time,



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