Green Penguins, What The Fuss Was About, And Gus…

How’s it going? Last post, I mentioned that I would tell you all about something that happened to me, if it solidified, and now it has.

Let’s get to it…

We have high speed internet at the house now.

Not much of a lead-in, I know. We got a site survey scheduled for the tech to come take a look-see. He arrived at about quarter to one. After he got everything set up (and told us our computer with the old operating system shouldn’t be online because it’s so vulnerable), he was having trouble activating the phone we decided to have with them, as a backup. And then he couldn’t get a hold of the gal who could help him out. He explained that situation, and then said he’d do a quick second job down the road while he waited.

After he came back to finish up, I signed off on the job, he got the phone activated finally, we got payment arranged for the first month (with a gift card–because, as some of you know, in the past I’ve had issues with people who have taken money from me when they shouldn’t have), and then he left at about 6:00.

Overall, I’ll have to take time to mourn the dial-up. Well, why the heck would I want to do that?

Several reasons:

1. I have NEVER had anything faster than dial-up as a main connection (not counting mobile data on my phone), and I’ve been a user of the internet for a time shortly before Google existed…and for those of you who may not know, yes, there WAS a time with no Google.

2. I’m used to scheduling tasks so that when something loads or downloads, I can check the laundry, get a snack, take a bathroom break, do dishes, fill up water bottles, or what-have-ya. Well, that’s probably a thing of the past. This morning, it took me about 90 minutes to do almost all of my usual day-to-day for prospecting, email checking, and things like that, which would normally take me a lot longer to do.

3. Things have not fully sunk in for me yet on this development (as I sit with my laptop and blog here, while I’m not in the three-sided booth at McDonald’s, and it’s also not a Sunday).

4. I won’t have to use a specific computer in a specific location, or worry about how to keep two computers’ virus protection programs updated with only one connection (which means I won’t have the TV to distract me, or, to an extent, a lot of other things that remind me of other human beings).

I mentioned “Green Penguins” here, because for some reason “Green Penguin” is how our router is identified on our home network. Gus is a cousin of mine, who’s in college. For some reason the tech’s facial features and how he talked reminded me of him.

As far as having high-speed at home, I can accomplish more (no more waiting 30 minutes or more to attach a 2 MB manuscript to an email after I finish editing), and I’ll have to plan more strategically, and be more focused, since things won’t take as long.

This is a great reminder that change can be good, but good or bad, all change needs to be adjusted to. Being productive is great, but even writers need reminders that there are other people in the world (and not just the ones we create for our stories, or clients we do writing work for).

Didn’t get a paper last Sunday, so for Triple F tomorrow, I’ll just have to wing it. Be sure to swing by for the prompt–I have (another) special announcement.

Until next time,



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2 Responses to Green Penguins, What The Fuss Was About, And Gus…

  1. Never mourning the dial up.

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