Being On The List Is Very Interesting…

How was your weekend? Mine was about the same–shopping, no shake-ups with the paper, meaning I got laughs from the comics and prompt-fuel from the crosswords. Nice.

Yesterday, I had two consultations in one day, one with an author I’d previously worked with, and one who needed to have writing help (and who was willing to pay fairly well for it).

The author call was a bit of a dark room scenario, but everything went fine–I’ll be doing a bit of brainstorming for a future project of theirs (and if I’m not available to help with the rest of it, I’ll certainly hand my research off to someone else–it’s not a big time investment, and I’m not in a position to make it out to be one).

The other call where the guy needed help…

Was good, but rather depressing.


Well, almost as soon as I dialed in to the conference call, he was there, too. Being prompt is always a good sign, at least for me. Nobody waits around, and folks can settle down and get to it.

And then he told me he’d already found someone to help him with his writing needs.

I had scheduled my call to talk to him very late in the game, as far as that went. But he did ask me about my experience, and I gave him the low-down on my blogging, copywriting, editing work, and what-have-ya that I had done in the past.

He also asked about how many times per week to mail his list, and I gave him my opinion on that (as well as several other opinions). He was wondering what the charge would be to write emails, and I gave him my rate for that, as well as what it would be for me to take over for him (i.e., I write the emails, load them up, send them, and then monitor everything, like who opens what).

He also told me he writes all his emails himself right now, but would consider reaching out to me when his businesses got bigger.

So, another words, I’m on the list.

That’s pretty interesting–but I’m not holding my breath or anything (besides, I’m not sure carbon dioxide is fit to held by human hands in the gaseous state). I’ll keep prospecting, learning, and researching, like always–we were on the same page that continuous improvement is always good–learning how to do and BE better.

Ah, and we’ve arrived at the point(s) for this post…

Is this a case of early bird gets the writing assignment? I don’t know–maybe. I thought it’d be rude to ask him who it was, even though he prospected in a private group I’m a member of that exists to connect potential clients and writers.

Or is this a case of learning something from everyone? I think it is. I only talked to the second guy for a little over 8 minutes (said the automated conference system), and I managed to:

Let him in on my experience

Talk rates

Drop a little knowledge

Get on his list of contacts for future work (sort of)

Build rapport (he’s in publishing/books too, so he’s got the kind of set-up I can help out with)

And get an invite to his writerly Facebook group (which I still need to dig up)

I also sent him a thank-you email afterward with my LinkedIn profile address and my website, and thanked him for reaching out to me. And I asked for referrals, if he felt comfortable with that, after checking out some of my samples.

Am I saying this to brag? No. Only to say it’s an improvement on “Ah, well, I, uh,” awkward silences, drawn-out pauses, and a sandpaper-tongue feeling.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a rundown of the job duties and responsibilities (something I had wanted to find out that wasn’t in the original post). It was already someone else’s gig at that point, but it wouldn’t have hurt me to figure out precisely what was needed to fulfill that job to his expectations.

And that writer’s group I’m in? There was another post in there, this time about a lady looking for writers who were interested in marketing-type writing. I sent a link to my website in a private message.

And now I’m on her list too. Is it a promise of work? No, but someone is AWARE that I exist, and of what I can do. I’ll have be sure to follow up.

So, in writing and life, we keep moving forward.

Until next time,



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Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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