I’ve Been Chasing My Tail Because of a Tale–Here’s Proof…

How’s your week been? I know it’s almost over, but I want to get one post in before the week is over, and nearly August with it.

And about that post title? I’m feeling a little stuck.

I’m more than halfway through a nonfiction how-to about kid’s fiction that’s given me a lot of food for thought (that’s a “learn something from most anything” moment, and the subject of another post).

And I’m fine with ideas.

But then I wondered if I should:

A) Keep reading the book until it’s done

B) Same as A), but read again to really get the principles in my head before I start implementing them fully

C) Use the principles found in A) or B) to revise my current fiction story pile

D) Same as C), but use the principles to create new stories

E) Some combo or what-have-ya of the above

And depending on which option I pick, where should I start?

All this was further pushed into my conscious mind when I checked my Story Submission Worksheet (not something I’ve mentioned, but something all fiction writers–and copywriters too, only with tweaks–should have).

Only two fiction submissions this year. Ugh.

And that’s on me. Coming face to face with it, though, is what really stung. I’m responsible. No, actually, I should have been more responsible. Things like:

I was editing at the time

I still blog several times a week

And I do maintain a daily journal

Are all good (and all true, especially with two full edits done this year). But I shouldn’t have let some goals or accomplishments that I’m pursuing or have achieved crowd out the other ones on the list.

And nothing like telling over 160 people from all over the world (some as far away as Australia, I do believe), that, yep, make no mistake, it’s me, owning up to falling on my face.

And if you’re reading these words, you’re one of them. The one I’m writing to now. Hi.

I don’t say any of this to brag, because that ain’t my style. (Not about me falling on my face…the other…never mind).

I am saying I need to do better. And put my pixels where it counts–on screen. And put those pixels out to the world to online mags that are able to show it to the world. Oh, and making a bit of money from it would be cool, too.

And I don’t need to mention (or maybe I do), that there are some times I review some earlier stories, and I just don’t care about them. The characters seem like take it or leave it, you know? Okay, some of them were too simplistic, or the story didn’t fit them (my character Charlie Russell comes to mind). Charlie’s the subject of another post. Point being, I didn’t care about him either.

And the point of all that is to say, I also maybe got in my own way of being creative, simply because I loathe what I see (which is incidentally something I kind of touched on here). That post was January–of 2014. Over a year and a half ago now. And I’m still learning to break away from the inner “man this has to be total crap and why would anyone read it?” feeling. This is me admitting that sometimes morale needs a boost.

And just telling you that, really helps. Can’t explain why, though. Why not? Well, I try to save the research for my editing gigs, if I can help it.

Not sure if I’m going to tell you what else has stopped me (or that I’ve ALLOWED to stop me), because then I’d be outed as a geek, officially, with no way to hide it anymore. Although I have to say, considering my posts mentioning The Hunger Games, the origin of the Divergent book series, and the fact that I have special categories to the right that say “Books and Reading,” and “Movies and TV,” I guess there wasn’t much hiding going on in the first place.

And if I do tell, I WILL squeeze some Copywriting Codexes out of it, because they (oops! getting closer) did great work of using principles of persuasion to an extent.

And I might post next Monday just to get the chance to post one more time for August 2015 (even though I probably shouldn’t have said that until tomorrow, when I do Triple F for the week. But, there you go).

Make sure to stop by for the writing prompt tomorrow (and every Friday), and if you’ve got comments, drop me a line below. When you’ve struggled with putting pixels to screen (or words to paper), how did you handle it?

Until next time,



About Ty Mall

Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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2 Responses to I’ve Been Chasing My Tail Because of a Tale–Here’s Proof…

  1. Carole Mertz says:

    As usual your comic rambling made my day. But here’s something pertinent; at least I think it’s pertinent. Author Don Wallace completed a book in order to finance a house he bought off the coast of Brittany, but after its completion (the book’s, that is) he realized it hadn’t changed him. In other words he wanted more, or at least that’s the way it sounded to me. He decried having to write lines next to drivel in order to make money, and he decried not being able to write words that would last as long as Homer’s. So there you have it, we writers always want more. Vive les escritoires!

    • Ty Mall says:

      Thanks for the pick-me-up, Carole. And I’m glad my writing/rambling made your day. It’s good to want more and get better at what we do. I’m pretty sure that will never stop–that we’ll never get to a point we can say “Well, nothing new or useful I can learn from anyone, nope, not me.” Maybe that’s another point of my journey as a writer that I need to confront. Thanks for stopping by.

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