Triple F: Crossword Clues #7

Another edition of Triple F (aka Fab Fiction Friday, aka the weekly fiction prompt).

Not a lot of lead up today, let’s get to it:

Across: October birthstone (4 letters)

Across 2: Royal topper (5 letters)

Across 3: Online guffaw (3 letters)

These clues don’t intersect at all. 

Now what happens here?

Why, lots of fun and fiction writing, of course.

Other than that they’re a gem, I don’t know much about opals (without the “s,” my answer for the birthstone thing). Other than that they’re a gem of some kind. “Royal topper” is “crown,” and “lol” is about the only thing that makes sense for an online guffaw. (I could have this wrong, in one way or other. That only increases the directions you can take this, if you come up with other answers).

These clues are totally unrelated, and not really linked to character, plot, or setting. But things are suggested.


The fairy princess pays for a crown redesign, the thing is a giant opal, and everyone laughs at it. (I couldn’t resist putting everything together in an obvious way). Okay, well why? Is this a project she did on her own, because her parents wouldn’t pay? Or because they wanted her to pick another crown design, and she didn’t like any of them? (Darn, now MY wheels are turning). Or maybe she didn’t hire anyone, and she did the work, just to prove that she could, because it’s something she enjoys? And she made sure to do something to the crown to “sign” it in some way, to prove ownership of that work?

We could also make her human, or Fae (or less of the Tinker Bell type, although my Fae never are that way), or an ogress, alien, robot (sure  you can make up a robot princess–we don’t say who made the robots, do we?) Anyway, just take it and run. That’s what this is for.

And since I can change any of DOZENS of circumstances in my story, I have a chance of millions to one of coming up with an entirely different story than the one you come up with.

Crown also means to hit over the head. Maybe the opal got fed up with being shuffled around the gem box, and decided to do something. What does it do, and why?

And then we have “lol,” laugh out loud. Sorta generic. But there are thousands of ways to put laughter into a story.

Just pick your gender, setting, plot, and go.

Okay, that’s enough.

This is one of the last days in August 2015. Tuesday it’ll be September 1st, and August 2015 will be one more thread in the fabric of human history.

Make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time, week, (and maybe month),



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