Triple F: Crossword Clues 12, And How My Blog Plans Sunk Like A Doomed Ship At Sea…

How’s it going? Hope your week’s been going well so far (it’s almost over!)

Anyhow, let’s get to it.

Last Monday was Columbus Day (or Thanksgiving for you Canadian folks out there). Going with Columbus Day, he was a great explorer, with an awesome story, great for blog post, email, and fiction story/character/plot mining.

Well, that post didn’t happen.

I was also going to write a post this week about Robert LaSalle, another explorer of sorts who was famous too (for a couple strange reasons, and mostly through no fault of his own).

Yep. Didn’t happen either.

I started a developmental edit, and I’m pinging emails with a few people about another book I’m managing production on.

That’s what DID happen.

Not a lot of writing. Or plotting, or prospecting.

Good reasons for not writing a lot this week? Yes. Excuses? Maybe.

Good excuses are still excuses because they get in the way.

All right, that’s enough of that deal.

Every Friday is Triple-F here, which means an awesome writing prompt (and me secretly plotting/wondering how long I can keep up this Crossword Clues thing until it gets stale–maybe 20 posts in all, and then move on to freewheeling it again. We’ll see). You can also browse the category to the right of the main page here if you’re feeling ambitious and want more than one idea for a prompt.

Okay. For this week, here’s your prompt for Fabulous Fiction Friday:

Across clue: Gas-pedal neighbor (5 letters)

Down clue: Gift-box toppers (4 letters)

These clues’ first letter is the same.

Take it and run…

All right, here’s the fun part (and cool practice for me taking my own advice). I’ve got “brake” and “bows” here.

Plot, setting, and character aren’t even hinted at here, so that stuff (gender, background, setting, conflict, complication, and what-have-ya) are all yours to dream up with zero influence from me (except what follows, of course).

Bows we can put on top of gift boxes, or we can shoot arrows with them. How about:

A guy inventing box bows that can shoot mini arrows (I couldn’t resist). What could happen as a result of this invention? Would somebody try to steal it? Patent it? Steal it, then patent it to be sold as a kid’s gag toy for dudes? That might be a little bit too close to real, in a lot of ways.

We could also have a shape-shifting prince who conceals himself as a bow on a box of chocolates so he can talk to the heroine outside of the hearing of his romantic rivals and meddling relatives. (He’d just have to be careful he changed back before she threw the box, top and all, into the trash compactor). And who knows, he could get stuck in the form of a bow, caught as a confluence of strings, with a thin reedy voice, forever. He forgot to pack his reversal dust in his jacket before he transformed, and…I’ll have to stop there.

Brake. All righty. Brakes on cars, trucks…or relationships that are going too fast for one or both of the involvees. What else could we put brakes on? The only plots I can think of involve mechanical malfunctions. Unless we change to “break.”

Okay, that has to be it for today, unless I put out a whole book of prompts…

October’s about half over, right about now. My projects have started to roll down the hill, so to speak. How about yours? I admit, I haven’t written as much as I would have liked to so far, but the good news is, as long as we can see where we are, and where we’d like to be, change is just a step at a time.

Until next time (and week),



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