I’m Glad He Couldn’t See How Red I Was…

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty normal–comics, crosswords, and a little football thrown in (just me watching it–I’m fascinated by it, but I don’t play it–for anything but fun, and not as often as I used to).

Anyway, let’s get to it.

This is a blog about writing, so the subject of this post starts with a book.

Not one that I wrote or edited, but a book dealing with a very specific part of history, point being that I thought a couple friends (and a few family members) would like it.

Which led me to Amazon.com. I marked the books as gifts, punched in the addresses (with multiple presses of the back button after each one–probably not the best way to do things), did the same with the gift messages, and didn’t think a thing about it.

Until I get a call from a friend of mine. This guy’s kinda tall (almost 6’3″–I get a pain in my neck trying to look at him when he talks–well, almost).

I was wondering why he was calling…

Until he told me he got a gift receipt with a woman’s name on it (that wasn’t his wife’s name).

Oh boy…

I admitted I was red–really, really red. It’s my fault, actually. I tried to get the gift messages to line up with things–because Amazon tried to apply the first gift message to every one of the gifts.

Not that they’re to blame for me getting mixed up–they aren’t.

I did the best I could to explain that yes, the book was his to keep, and no, he didn’t have to get an address from me to send the book ahead to the woman whose name was on the gift receipt.

It was kinda awful–it wasn’t bad, just embarrassing. No lives in the balance or anything really serious.

For some reason, this guy made it really funny when he brought things up, which made me feel a little better (maybe it’s his delivery, I have no idea).

My point is attention to detail. That’s all.

Especially for fiction writers who have longer stories to work with, or copywriters with a complex web of emotions they need to touch on, or elements they need to include.

All those threads can get lost, cut, dirty, tangled up, or what-have-ya. All of that makes a huge mess.

So the next time you’re wondering if you need to keep track of details in your story, even if they don’t make it into that story, the answer’s yes.

(And coming from a guy, me, who does developmental editing, you’d think I would know this kind of thing already, to the point I could put it into practice without thinking).

But there are times in my life things have just, well, happened.

And then my aunt called a day or so ago–she got a gift receipt with a guy’s name on it, who ain’t her husband.

And so it continues…

Two down, two to go.

Until next time,



About Ty Mall

Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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