Some News, Computer Issues, And More…

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty routine–papers, comics, and what-have-ya, all good things there.

First a bit of news…

Turns out this post about being caught off-guard was #300 here at Fiction and Copy Decoded.

I missed it, and forgot to mention it.

Which means that I was caught off-guard by being caught off-guard. Hmm…

It’s been mentioned now.

Anyway, let’s get to it for today.

A couple posts back, I mention I would post about some computer stuff that had me more than a bit hung-up with trying to make a meaningful impact on my work.

That time is now.

Last Wednesday, I gave in to the electronic nudging of my word processing program to give it an update–it’d been bugging me for a month or so. Since things seemed to crash whenever I had three documents open if they had changes tracked, I thought that would correct the problem of the thing freezing and restarting on its own.

Little did I know…

After the update everything went fine with my work on my document stuff. The computer asked me that night to update some things, which I did before shutting it down and going to bed.

The next day I was horrified to discover…

All my files–documents and downloads for work, my personal stuff, and Dropbox were all gone. My login screen’s background, and my internet background–where it displays which networks you can access–both turned from a green color, to blue.

Nothing was anywhere. Just like everything had been cleaned out and reformatted (except for a few of my programs that I’d installed before).

Well, the first thing I decided to do was System Restore (which I found out is a LOT more involved when Windows 8.1 is concerned).

Okay, everything seemed to be normal…

Until my computer told me my word processing software was now broken and couldn’t work at all.

The quick and online repair options both failed. Then the icon for my program disappeared from Control Panel (I think that was before the next step). That was me going online and downloading a repair tool–which totally bummed me out by not working.

I wasted many hours of time trying to undo and redo System Restores to try to get everything to work right–when my computer told me System Restore couldn’t do its job now either–even after I shut off the antivirus (may not have done that part correctly).

Finally I broke down and called a local computer place that has helped me out of these weird kind of jams before. They told me I would have do something I’d been researching (and dreading)–having to modify the registry, delete the program, and reinstall the whole word processing program suite/bundle from scratch.

So after another couple calls to them, to make sure that yes, I did have the Click-to-Run version, and MSI was only for multiple licenses using the same key code, like the bigwig corporate types do for all 20 of their employees–I got down to work.

Took me about 2 hours or so, but everything was fixed after that.


What’s my point here?

Well, sometimes as writers, we have to hard things, or things we don’t like (reinstalling a 3 gigabyte program file from scratch comes to mind).

Or with our characters facing hard things, and overcoming obstacles and their problems–your characters do have problems, right?

Or if you’re a copywriter, helping your clients, or their clients, work through their problems–whether that’s by using a product, consulting with them, or what-have-ya.

You can prepare for doing the most difficult things, sure–just be incremental about it (reinstalling my computer’s whole operating system from scratch might have fixed the problem too–but that would be using a jackhammer when a regular hammer would do).

And I hope this had made sense–it IS early on Monday, after all.

I appreciate each and every one of you who’s come along with me for this ride (even if that was only in the last couple weeks).

It’s been a great 300, 301, and 302 posts here.

Until next time,



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