Better Than A Bullet: How The Honda Civic Can Teach You To Write Better Fiction And Copy

How’s it going?

I saw an interesting commercial the other day, for the Honda Civic. It starts with the car coming out of a garage-like thing, but it’s really the back of a man’s head (or was it the lab?) Then the car drives down the road, while people are researching, and the road turns into a rollercoaster, and does an upside-down loop.

I was watching this with Dad, and I told him, “It’s kinda strange seeing a car coming out of the back of a guy’s head.”

“Better than a bullet,” he told me.

I laughed. He said, “And that’s what you call a snappy comeback.”


My point?

All right, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that I have hilarious family and friends. It’s taken me awhile to gather all these people, especially the friends.

This commercial is a highly specialized form of media (for you copywriters out there) called brand advertising. I don’t know that much about it, but from what I’ve heard, it’s different than direct response (the email and sales page stuff).

This seems like straight brand advertising–kind of a “here we are, here’s what we’ve been up to,” kind of thing. But there’s no call to action here–no “visit your local Honda dealer for attractive lease options,” or what-have-ya. There’s no indication of price either (although not every ad does that).

This ad also emphasizes imagination and creativity–two things writers use a lot.

Even people who don’t write all that much play a version of “What If?” I’m thinking it helps ’em come up with snappy comebacks. Like my dad did here.

Great tips for when you’re stuck when you’re writing or need a break–watch TV, watch people. But don’t watch people watching TV–that’d be considered a bit weird.

Until next time,



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