Triple F: Somehow These Two Got Thrown Together…

How’s it going? Hope you had a great week.

With all the Sherlock Holmes talk this week, I thought I’d draw a little inspiration from one of my other characters, and blend the two in some way.

So there’s inspiration for this week’s Triple F, aka Fabulous Fiction Friday, aka Awesomeness.

Here we go:

Sherlock Holmes (the great detective), meets Lydia (who you can read about over here).

What happens now?

We have a huge amount of longitude here, that’s what (as a writer, sometimes I can’t resist making up stuff–which includes reversing or exchanging terms on purpose).

First of all, we have just two characters, and a bit of a plot from that other snippet to draw from (and Holmes could even be the pursuer–I’m pretty sure he’s trained in weaponless and other forms of combat–but I don’t think he’d be so rash as the unnamed character in the snippet is).

And by the way, feel free to name Lydia something else, or give her different circumstances (highly encouraged–the point here is to make this YOURS, although we are doing fan fiction here, pretty much…but you can change that up too–there have been tons of other crime solvers throughout history–in books and otherwise.

First, I think we’d have to figure out where in Lydia’s story Sherlock would appear–and there’s way too many choices here for me to list them all. Then the plot would have to unfold from there.

How about:

Lydia meets Sherlock as she’s fleeing her pursuer(s)? Her panic opened up a time-tunnel to Victorian London, and she bumps into Holmes, who’s vaguely interested in her because she definitely “isn’t from around here.” You’d have to switch some things, because Holmes is kinda in love with his job–even though in the story on Charles Augustus Milverton, he did get engaged to the maid.

What if Holmes is transported to where Lydia is–because she needs help, and in the time-stream he was closest? I think we’re getting into novel-length with a lot of these ideas, but where she meets him, is just as important as when, in the process of narrowing things down here.

Or Holmes needs a case, and transports her to him, with the power of his mind? I know he’s a fictional character, but they both are, and where could they, and you, go from there?

All right, that’s enough to get going, I’d say.

February 2016 has just started. Let’s make it one to remember, to accomplish things, and get ahead, as much as we can, okay?

Make it an awesome weekend, with good memories, too.

Until next time (and week),



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