Tale of the Truck, Part II, Or, How I Spent Part of My Weekend…

How was your weekend? Mine was weird. It felt like a bit of a do-over of this post over here.

That’s because Mom and I went on the weekly shopping trip–only it was more weekly, and less trip.

Truck started fine. We got to Menards to pick up the Sunday paper(s)–and those all-important comics and crosswords (something you can take a look at over here for the reason why on that one).

And then the truck wouldn’t start. We had power to the radio and lights, so it wasn’t a battery thing. We had gotten an exam from someone previously who said there was a bit of corrosion on the battery cable/connection–don’t know if that would’ve solved things or what.

Anyway, we ended up going back into Menards to get some help. We asked the manager if she knew anyone in town who towed and fixed cars. She said she was from Joliet (a town probably 40 miles away from the one we were in at the time). Okay, I’ll take that as a no…

But she had one of her cashiers help us. This woman was very helpful–she used the store’s wi-fi to help us find places in town to go, she made several calls asking if places towed and fixed cars (several of those who did do both wouldn’t get a mechanic in until today–which was a little late since we needed to truck fixed the day it was broken, if at all possible).

She also told us there was a dude in town who had a mechanic who used to work for a car dealership, and that they stood by their work. But if I’m not mistaken, they weren’t doing mechanic work on Sunday, either–which, as the cashier pointed out, is “one of the worst days to have something go wrong with a vehicle.” She’d had a Saturday-night breakdown with her car, she’d told us.

So we ended up calling a tow truck, and getting towed to the Farm and Fleet store close to our house. The guy came in the truck, and told us he figured it was us, based on the color described over the phone, and that he’d seen us in the Menards parking lot a couple times.

He also told us that his truck is a medium-duty truck, and could tow anything up to a 4500 series pickup–a one-ton–or below. And that there were times he’s towed another tow truck. One of the fleet trucks had the front end go bust on it, and had to be taken in. Why not use something you know works to get the job done, if you’re right there, right? Sure.

The driver said he used to be into Nascar until it got super-regulated following the death of Dale Earnhardt. The cars are all the same except for the stickers now.

He dropped us off, and I was surprised to see him whip out that little plastic Square app that processes card payments (well, after he’d said I’d basically been sitting on the compartment that held the thing on the drive over).

I’d heard about them, but never seen one used. He said he had the white one, but it broke, and that the black one was more durable (his opinion, not mine–especially since I don’t have the Square gadget).

So we got the truck unloaded, and to my surprise, sort of, the driver (Scott) said he’d heard it fairly often that people never want to see him again–or too much, at least.

To my great relief, the Farm and Fleet people had agreed to take us back home if we needed to have that done. The woman at the desk said she called around and that they had the starter in stock at the parts place, and that they could get to it tomorrow (which would be today).

The guy who drove us home talked about the presidential race, and that he hadn’t really followed it until this year. I hadn’t really followed it too much either. I said it was kinda like pregnancy–something’s going on, and people kinda know what it is, and then all of a sudden, there’s the baby. Only this time, instead of a baby, the end result is the American President.

A lot of people know pieces of both processes, and I’d been trying to figure out more of it (since I’d forgotten my research ditty I had to do in high school about how the President is elected to office).

And I was relieved to get back home, after a harrowing day of doing not much–even though it seemed like a lot.

There was also the laugh I got when Mom saw a guy in the Farm and Fleet waiting room, and said, after he left in a truck, “I didn’t think he’d be the truck kinda guy.”

“You mean you thought he’d have one of those teeny Wii cars?”


Because you never know what you’re going to learn, or who you’re going to learn it from, that’s what makes life weird, and a little exciting too.

Like a car guy who follows politics, or a cashier who has advice about mechanics and other businesses.

Or seeing life in your own way, because everything you’ve seen and know mixes together to make you who you are.

Until next time,



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