No-Comics Weekend, Rain, And Hinges…

How was your weekend? Mine was unusual–no comics or papers. Had to get the truck looked at–it was running super-rough, and we got a friend of the family to take Mom and me shopping on Sunday. Going all the way to Morris wasn’t in the cards for him, but we did have a lot of fun, and it was nice to get a lot of things that we’d needed.

And it rained that day. A lot. But that wasn’t as weird as the bits of snow last Friday.

And then yesterday the mechanic who looked at the truck tells us there was a mouse nest in the truck’s air filter (oh, boy). How that got there, I have no idea. Yes, I know mice build nests, but…you get the idea.

Now the warning light to check the engine is on, and the truck seems to be using more gas than it usually would. (Which might be part of the reason why Dad calls those kind of lights “idiot lights.”)

So we might have to get those things looked at some more. But I was able to get out and do some relaxing yesterday.

I helped the landlord measure to replace a cabinet door yesterday when he came over in the morning–there was a gap between the doors he’d picked and the cabinet opening, but he told me that you can’t measure or really test a hinge when you’re in the store (he would’ve needed the door, and then the measurement of our cabinets in hand–which we hadn’t given him, or knew he needed). And I’m not sure if it would have mattered anyway, because I’m really bad at measuring stuff–even when I helped him yesterday, I had to measure two or three times at least before I got it right.

He’ll be over today with some wood to straighten things up–there was a gap between the cabinet borders and the back of the hinges he’d picked out (plus having the doors be a bit short so that there’s a gap at the right of where the doors will rest when they’re closed).

What’s my point?

Adjusting. That, and not getting upset over things you have no control over (which is a big lesson for me, and one I’m still working on–although I did experience a lot more peace inside when I realized I didn’t have to be mad if I couldn’t influence the outcome of something).

Sometimes it’s a subject line that needs to be thrown out, or a character sketch with an awesome character who isn’t right for a story.

Or, it’s having a friend take you shopping or helping the landlord measure for kitchen cabinets.

Life is full of people, plans, and what-have-ya, that don’t always fit together–but we do the best we can.

Until next time,



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