I Pulled the Pants Off the Line to Donate…

How’s it going? I realized today was May 4th–Star Wars Day. So I probably should have saved the concert post from yesterday for today. But I didn’t. Oh well.

I bought some new pants last week, because I have a lot of jeans that have holes in them–well I had four pairs at least. Most of them got a hole right below the right back pocket, and I have no idea why.

Yesterday, I went with Mom because a place in a town nearby was having a haircut sale, and she wanted to get one (a haircut, not a sale or a town). Not one to waste a trip, we stopped by Goodwill to drop off some stuff–including pants I hadn’t worn for more than six months because they had holes.

And if you’re wondering if I walk on my knees everywhere, I don’t–there are times I kneel down and my pants’ knees hit the floor, or hit my knee inside the pants. I guess after doing that hundreds of times, little holes developed, which became tears in the knee on some pairs, which got worse from there.

But right before we left, I realized I had a pair of pants on the line that had a big gash below the right back pocket, and they were drying on the line outside. So I scooped them up, and they got over to Goodwill too, along with another pair of pants that had what looked like a vertical slash near the seat area.

So, there were four pairs of pants in all, plus some kitchen stuff Mom didn’t want/use that Goodwill got.

So when opportunities arise, take advantage of them–even if it’s just a five-minute chat with someone you know who you haven’t seen in awhile.

And if someone who makes their own clothes buys my pants at Goodwill to use for parts, I’ll be glad (or maybe they could fix them, which would also be fine with me).

Opportunities exist out there in the world to give and receive.

Until next time,



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