Triple F: How Pants and a Concert Led to a Prompt Idea…

How was your week? Mine went well. Trying to get an edit finished up (and I should be, if everything goes all right).

After all the posting about concerts and pants, I figured I could use that somehow for Triple F.

Your prompt for Fabulous Fiction Friday this week is:

Your character is a musician who is on a road trip to a place they normally go when something unexpected happens.

What is it, and how do things go from there?

We have a little bit more to go on, which is good. A solid plot point, and one part of the character’s background–why do they go to this place? Where is it? Is this a yearly/monthly getaway? Why does the character think of things that way?

You also get the chance to play with what “unexpected” means. I was thinking something funny as I wrote this out, but you could go sad here if you wanted to–that’s fine.

How about:

A writer goes fishing in a secluded spot, only to discover, in a place without cell phone reception, he’s locked his keys in his car? I know that may bridge between sad and funny, but there you go. And it’s normal people doing normal things, as I like to say.


A space cadet flies to the fifth moon of Nevani, only to figure out that she’s been the victim of a prank–kinda like being demoted as a result of bad behavior in her society. What’s the prank, and what does she do to regain her status? (And more importantly, why does it matter so much? There’s a piece of the setting/world to work through).

Maybe you’d like this one better:

A guy shows up at a concert with his ticket, but the wind blows it and his program out an open balcony window and down a nearby storm drain. Does he get asked for a ticket? If they don’t keep records, how will he prove he bought one, if both his ticket and program are gone?

That’s about enough to get you started–have fun with it.

This is the first week of May 2016–lots of it still ahead of us.

Make it an awesome weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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