Triple F: Bugged by a Redo, or Not?

How’s your week been so far? Mine’s been relaxing, getting back into the swing of things after Memorial Day earlier this week and all.

Today’s Fabulous Fiction Friday, the day (almost) every week that I post a writing prompt for you, usually based on what happened to me during that week (not always).

Last post, I mentioned the value of redoing things or going over them again to help get the hang of things better and more fully. So, I thought I’d use that for Triple F this week.

Here you go:

Your character has to redo something, or wants to go over something again.

Big surprise how I chose to structure this prompt, right? Probably not.


First off, the character can look at this positively or negatively (and you’ll have to decide their gender, backstory, and what-have-ya, not to mention what it is they have to redo). This is also a bit of a two-parter, depending on if they have to do it, or if they want to do it (and one can turn into the other fast–no law against doing that in your story).

Here’s a few examples/suggestions you can combine, switch up, or take one piece from to go in a different direction:

A space robot has to redo his darn penmanship test so he can pass his certification to go to Earth and become a reception bot at a billion-dollar company that will give him all the bolts and oil he can possibly handle. I said “darn” so he probably doesn’t think it’s too cool to retake a test (and we’re hopping into science fiction/fantasy with a thinking robot of this magnitude–although with the pace of tech how it is, maybe it won’t be “fiction” much longer).

A college girl wants to go over some notes again that a friend took for her, so she can get a better grasp on things for her finals. What if this is the twelfth time she’s gone over the notes? Is she lacking confidence in her ability, or is there something else she’s trying to avoid–say, breaking up with a jerk boyfriend instead of confronting him about a romantic text from his supposedly ex high-school sweetheart? There’s all kinds of messy relationship stuff in there to get the characters tangled up in. And I figured I’d toss in a “normal people doing normal things” prompt idea here.

That’s about it, for now. Enough to get started.

June 2016 is practically fresh out of the box. Make it an awesome month.

And make it a great weekend with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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