Triple F: Computer Breakdown…

How was your week? I was supposed to have a consult with a prospect yesterday about some email work, but that fell through–we’ll probably end up rescheduling for next week or so, which is fine.

Wednesday the laptop I barely use was making funny noises, and so I got that taken in to the shop yesterday. We’ll see how that goes. The tech told me after hearing what went on that it’s a hard drive issue–that’s the part that was beeping, and that’s what Google told me the deal was. The computer won’t even let me get to the Windows login screen, which is a huge problem because after that is where the prompts are to do system repair/restore.

As far as my retread of the novel course I took last month or so, I’ve gotten about 1/4 of that done, and looked over the example novel outline in the course.

That’s about it. As far as using all of that as inspiration for today’s Fabulous Fiction Friday, I think I’ve posted on nearly all of them separately in other prompts. So unless I put up something about rescheduling a computer appointment with a novel writer, I think I’ll have to come up with something else (guess that’s a free one, but oh well).

Maybe we can pick two–but we’ll have to go with normal people/normal things on this one.

Your prompt for this week’s Triple F is:

A writer’s computer breaks one week before a big deadline. He/she finds out two days before the deadline that the computer won’t be ready for three more days.

I’ve had computer problems similar to this as an editor, or some other internet issues while projects were going along (can you tell?). Usually what happens to me is people are cool with things because tech is something that’s beyond anybody’s control.

Could we create a situation to ratchet the tension and stakes on something so simple?

The gender of the character, backstory, and what-have-ya are up to you here, as well as what the deadline is for, and how understanding whoever made the deadline is or is not about what’s going on.

How about:

The character has Dropbox, the cloud service? Okay, but what if it’s full and they forgot to empty it–or he shares it with a few other people, like designers, whose work takes up lots of space and they overloaded it?

Or the character doesn’t have Dropbox, but has an outdated printout of the manuscript they could send in, and meet the deadline? That costs money–sometimes a lot of it. What if that cash was earmarked for other bills? What happens now, and could the character find a way out? With that money gone, what does that mean for her this month, or this year?

Usually I don’t go for regular people and things because I prefer to write science fiction and fantasy stories, but I couldn’t think of any other way to do this, at least this time.

June is slightly halfway over now–hope you’re making it interesting and profitable.

Make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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