The Second Laugh Is the One I’m Looking For…

How’s your week going so far? I wanted to talk about something that I’ve noticed every so often (but not very often).

Sometimes, when I say something to someone, they laugh because they think it’s funny, and it may be. And then, because I said something that had a deeper meaning, and they got it, really got it, they laugh again.

The second laugh, if I’m trying to make an inside joke with someone, is the one that I’m looking for–it tells me that I don’t have to explain anything (which kinda ruins humor, anyway).

A lot of times, this can be done with pop culture, but it really depends on the crowd that you hang out with. A little like saying, “Why Grandma, what big teeth you have!” And if you know what comes next, you know it’s not “yeah, my dentist bills are huge” or something like that. It’s really rare for me to come up with something on the fly, that has more than one meaning, that’s not corny, and that whoever I tell it to gets both of those meanings, which is why I’m fumbling a bit as I try to remember one of them here.

Anyway, what’s my point?

These are the kinds of connections you want to make with your readers–one layer for readers who get what you’re saying at face value and like it, and another one for people who get the deeper meaning of what you’re writing or saying, but it’s a little on the inside, so to speak.

It works for emails, fiction characters, dialogue (in limited circumstances), and what-have-ya, all over the place.

Until next time,


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