Triple F: Don’t Say It!

How’s your week been so far? Mine’s been pretty good. I launched a children’s book, which is right over here, if you want to check it out.

Anyway, today is Fabulous Fiction Friday, and the weekly prompt. Since I was promoting my book to a couple different places this week, and that gave me an idea for a prompt.

That means Triple F for this week is:

Your character keeps wanting to tell other people about something, but they get stopped. Why, and how do they overcome this?

Now, me being a science fiction and fantasy writer (mostly), I thought of this as something more than just somebody saying “Shh!” or clapping their hand over someone’s mouth to get them to stop talking. That’s real life sometimes, and you can go that way if you’d like.

I’d prefer to go…somewhere else. And of course, everything about this character (gender, age, backstory, what-have-ya) will be up to you–including what’s stopping the character and what it is they’re so hotsky-trotsky to tell everyone about.

How about…

A man is cursed to never say or write the name of his ex-girlfriend? Why would someone do that–what if it really wasn’t her? Why does he even want to do that–is he still trying to get over her, and her mother wants to make sure he never contacts her again? Was he a bad influence on her? Not good enough? And what keeps him persisting about this? Why doesn’t he just give up, if he can do everything else normally?

Or maybe a woman is cursed to never tell anyone about deals she finds at any store. Is this a conspiracy by a small-town grocery store owner to keep business in town? And how would she overcome this? Can she mime? Does she care enough about bargains to keep trying to break up this thing?

That’s enough to get the snowball rolling down the hill, so to speak. Although we could have also mentioned things like fear of failure, success, or what-have-ya, too. Or being able to say everything but a certain word, and be able to hint around it–you could do that one, too.

Yesterday, September 22nd, was the official start of fall. Summer 2016 is now over (something that I should probably blog about later). And September is just about in the bag, too.

Make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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