Triple F: Here’s What Happens after You Blow Your Nose 40 Times…

How’s your week been so far? I wouldn’t say mine’s been rough, but it has been on the rocky side. Last post, I talked about the onslaught of fall, basically, even though I didn’t say that last Tuesday I think it was, I actually put on sweatpants. Yeah, I think we’re officially over with the shorts for this year.

Then I mentioned my little allergy tiff because of the harvesting. Well, that kinda grew into a slightly bigger tiff since then. Yesterday, I’m pretty sure I blew my nose at least 40 times. And sure, the ends of my nose were red (I don’t have those jiffy tissues with the lotion).

As far as why this is, it might be the crop rotation, or because it’s a little damp, or what-have-ya. This doesn’t happen to me every year, which is why I think it’s so weird. It might be in harmony with the rotation because I don’t recall getting this way with corn planted in the back of the house.

As you may know (and if you don’t, you will), I like to use inspiration from my life for every week’s Fabulous Fiction Friday, aka Triple F.

And this nose-blowing marathon seemed like a great idea. Of course, we’ll have to put a twist on it, since a character blowing their nose in itself doesn’t make a story.

So your prompt for this week’s Triple F fiction writing prompt is:

Your character blows their nose 40 times, and something wild happens to them after that.

And no, I didn’t think anyone would be blowing their brains out here. Gender and backstory will be up to you. The setting is too (which is where a lot of conflict will come from, by the way–your character wrestling their environment and/or their own background). And the definition of “wild” is all yours–I just thought something unusual or unexpected. You could also change the number of blows, for sure.

How about:

A girl blows a hole in the space-time continuum and is taken to a dimension where the inhabitants have to snort tissues up their noses to deal with their sinus issues? How would they react to someone else who blows their nose a “weird” way? What if this culture takes pride in being ill for some reason or other? Would they treat her as an outcast, or as a dignitary from a far country?

Or we could have a guy who blows his nose, and for every time after forty, he ends up at a different location–kinda like teleportation. I’d imagine this would be hard to form into an advantage, but what could he do? Maybe it’s not the number of nose blows, but how hard?

All right, that’s enough to get the snowball rolling down the mental hill, so to speak.

Today’s the last day of September 2016. Make it awesome.

And make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (week, and month too),



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