Triple F: Webinar Body Snatching?

How’s your week been so far? Mine’s been a bit of a learning experience–I did get my new cover uploaded for my prompt book (yay!) but for some reason the thingy for Amazon’s listing for my book didn’t update. Seems I jumped the gun on scheduling a book giveaway before I realized the cover hadn’t updated, and I think I burned a free book day in the process (oops–lesson learned).

I’ll be waiting a bit longer between uploads to schedule free days, that’s for sure. I had originally planned to do the re-release of the book on December 1st, but because of complications with the designer (almost 100% my fault) things didn’t work out there.

Anyway, let’s get to it for today.

If you’re just showing up (and I just waved hi to you if that’s you), Friday is Fabulous Fiction Friday, which means a fiction prompt for you.

I just got off a webinar last night about fiction writing, which was cool, and there was this Amazon thing I’ve been working on, and another business I’m trying to get into, too, so a lot of different things have been going on. (I’m glad I’m still willing able to blog three times a week).

Your character’s on a webinar, and they switch bodies with someone who’s on that webinar. Who are they, why did it happen, and what happens next?

Okay, now the fun stuff. Besides the online teleconference/video conference setting, computers, and other people, we have almost nothing to go by. Which means we have a heck of a lot to work with–it’s like a box with only two sides. And that’s on top of having to come up with the character’s gender, background, and what-have-ya specific to them.

Anyway, how about…

Bob is on a webinar about marketing let’s say. He’s really into it, and all of a sudden, he switches places with his boss, who he doesn’t know is on the webinar, too. What happens if Bob sees thoughts in his boss’s head about his future career? A promotion, or getting fired? Does Bob confront him? What if the boss changes his mind before Bob confronts him, decides he can’t handle what’s going on at the company, and quits instead of firing Bob? Does the boss do that in time to prevent Bob from making a fool of himself?

Or maybe Angie’s on a webinar about quilting or what-have-ya and she switches places with the woman who’s training everybody who’s there. All right, well, maybe Angie could just disconnect from the webinar then, because she can mine the woman’s brains for everything she knows. Not much of a story–we can go deeper than that. How about the woman is a workaholic who’s marriage is in trouble, and Angie happens to be a marriage counselor and a consultant? If she wants to work with the presenter lady because she’s seen she loves her husband, how would she bring up how she knows this woman is having a problem?

Or, how about a tall skinny alien dude (who’s red and purple) is on a webinar too, but this time it’s with other aliens and robots–he switches bodies with a woman he’s interested in, but has never really talked to. How would he bring up what he’d seen when he was on the inside? What if her race has this power, and she orchestrated the switch herself? How would that complicate things if nobody knows what she can do?

You’d also have to figure out how the switch happened (tech, electricity, paranormal happenings, what-have-ya) and how to get things switched back.

All right, that’s enough to get the mental snowball rolling down the hill.

It’s December, and we’re just getting started–the last month of 2016. And all credit to Daniel D., a dude who’s list I’m on, who told folks in an email to start prepping for next year right now, instead of waiting for the end of the month to roll around.

Make it an awesome weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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