Last Triple F of 2016, Plus My 2016 Highlights…

How’s your week going so far? 2016 is almost woven into the time stream, and I’d like to take a moment, as a little plus to Triple F, to review some good and not-so-good things that happened to me this year (since the 31st is on the weekend this year, and I won’t be able to post on January 1st either).

Anyway, let’s get to it for today. I’d like to mention that George Michael (the dude from the band WHAM), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars), and Debbie Reynolds (Carrie’s mom, and a superstar in her own right) all passed away either this week or very recently.

For me, when people pass, it always makes me grateful for what I have (and that includes you if you’re reading this now, or if you come across it later). I wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am today without the people who have been placed in my life to help me (or kick me in the rear if’n I be needing it).

That reflecting also brings up my first point for the year in review here (in no particular order). On April 1st, my great-uncle passed away at age 84. He was an Air Force veteran and one of the funniest people I ever knew (which for me is saying a lot).

I published two books this year:

A hygiene/flossing book for boys, Danny the Dragon Learns to Floss…

A prompt-and-more book for writers called The Writer’s Key: 50 Prompts and Other Strategies to Jumpstart Your Fiction, over this way:

My cousin Bobby got married, and his wedding was nice–I’m sure he and his wife Kala are super-happy.

I got a couple edits done for the company I work for, and a new copywriting client (which was a one-off thing, and I haven’t followed up yet). I’m also exploring other options beyond the editing sphere (tastefully monetizing social media, novelty products, and what-have-ya) so that those things can work for me when I’m doing other things.

Whew, and after all that, we still have to hop on the fiction train for this week.

Your prompt for Fabulous Fiction Friday (your last one for this year) is:

Your character reflects on the previous year of their life. What would happen if everything in that year took place 10 years earlier?

So gender, backstory, what-have-ya are all up to you here (and how much of it that’s necessary actually makes it into the story).

I’ll even give you a bonus, okay? I could take me on this–even though this is fiction. Treating myself as a bonus may be a bit self-serving, but if it helps you with plots and characters, I wouldn’t much care, would you?

What if I’d published my books two years ago? Life would be very different than it is now. Or would it? Question is, would I have had the writing knowledge that I needed to have to write the books, back then? There’s an angle you can take. For instance, ten years ago, this blog didn’t exist, and I’m pretty sure I was working at a junkyard with a good buddy of mine. Was I still writing? Yeah, but not as much.

See how “little things” can turn out to be somewhat bigger?

All right, now on to the fiction…

What if Charlie’s divorce happens ten years earlier–when he’s out exploring Alpha Centauri and is nowhere near Earth? His wife Vanessa left with his children, and he was beside himself with grief. How was she able to divorce him secretly? What has changed to make this possible, and if Charlie’s having difficulty now, what would he do if it happened ten years ago?

How about Charity gets an awesome job to teach the Overlord Exeteriums English and other languages? What happened as a result of that? Do they take over? And how does throwing that ten years into the past affect things? Does she overwhelm them to the point where they flee and never come back, or do they have the time and patience to blend with humanity?

That’s enough to get the snowball rolling down the hill, so to speak.

Thanks for being a part of Fiction and Copy Decoded. Close out 2016 in a great way, make it an awesome weekend with good memories, all right?

And have a productive 2017–make it a blast.

Until next time (and week, and YEAR too–wild),



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Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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