Triple F: New Year’s Brings Changes We Can’t Control?

How’s your week been so far? I actually took the leap and got on Instagram (@fictionandcopydecoded). I haven’t put up a lot of pics yet (because I’m not really a pics type of dude), but I want to brand things for writing, motivation, and what-have-ya and see where things take off.

I also want to put links to all my Amazon books in the top bar of the blog here, so the category for it can be there, and on the side, too. We’ll see.

Anyway, let’s get to it for today. It’s Friday, Fabulous Fiction Friday…which means a prompt for you (which has nothing to do with James Bond, not usually anyway).

Since it’s the New Year, and resolutions are flying like flocks of birds outside my window (we have a lot of birds around here sometimes), I figured I’d do the opposite.

Your prompt for this week’s Triple F (the first one of 2017!) is:

Your character experiences an unexpected change.

I was thinking of just unexpected things, not necessarily nasty or bad. Of course, you’ll have to tackle gender, backstory, and what-have-ya (and I should probably do posts on those things, to be sure, sometime later). Here we go:

Gary wakes up on January 1st to see that his clock’s been moved across the room, and put on his bedroom window sill. He lives alone, and he wasn’t that drunk or anything. What if he discovered:

His buddies played a prank on him, because they were drunk and know he likes his routines?

He moved it as part of an experiment in human behavior and he’s demonstrating to himself how much changes in routine can throw people off?

A rip in the space-time continuum caused a quasi-goddess being to visit his apartment? And, because she’s fascinated with time, she decided to put the clock where she could always see it (I couldn’t resist)?

Or how about Claire wakes up to find out her fridge’s insides have been rearranged, with a twist? Maybe she’s an inventor with an algorithmic refrigerator…only instead of having things rearranged, some things are missing, or replaced with other things? And now crabby old Mrs. Johnson is missing her rainbow sherbet, and she’s in no mood to haggle with young whippersnappers?

Or maybe she’s being “helped” by a time-traveler who wants every space he sees to be as efficient as possible, and he just happened to pop up in front of her fridge.

Okay, that’s enough ammo to get the mental snowball rolling down the hill, I’m figuring.

The first week of January and 2017 has almost fully rolled out here.

Make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and week),



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Thanks for stopping by. I've almost always been interested in writing, among other things. Along with discovering pop culture, I've uncovered a lot about the craft over the past 10 years. And whether you're a fiction writer or email copywriter, I'm here to pass on what I've found out. And have a ton of fun in the process.
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