Copywriting Codex: How Tom Cruise’s Love Life Can Make You a Better Writer

How’s your week been so far? It’s Hump Daaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (Which I still don’t know the history behind, even after searching the Entire-net).

I hope yours is going great though, I know that for sure.

Let’s get to it for today.

This is going to be a Copywriting Codex (which I last did on December 20th, 2016 and forgot to label). These posts are for copywriters specifically (but I think fiction writers could learn a lot too).

While I was out shopping (one of the greatest sources of contact with humanity–I mean, writing inspiration–I have), I took a look at a magazine at the checkout counter (which you should do for headlines and subject lines, but that’s the subject of another post).

Well, turns out that Tom Cruise had maybe, p’raps, could have fallen in love with his blonde-lady costar Vanessa Kirby (from Mission Impossible 6).

Part of the article read “Has Tom found wife number four?” Apparently that’s after Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Mimi Rogers–saith Google (and I didn’t know about Mimi).

Point is, I don’t know Tom at all. And I don’t know how gung-ho he is for the marriage thing as far as making them work. I don’t really know any of the stories behind the marriage break-ups either.

But Tom has a lot in common with good prospects for almost any business. That’s because he’s motivated to keep trying something even though things didn’t work out the first time.

As long as prospects don’t buy things for the sake of buying them, prospects who have a pressing problem they’re trying to solve, if they’re still motivated to keep trying, can be a good fit for something you’re promoting. Their pain from their problem can still be fresh or lingering, and their desire to solve that problem stronger than ever. If you have an ethical solution, even better (which you should always have–you don’t want to be the snake-oil guy or girl in town everyone runs from, do you?).

Has Tom found the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with? I don’t know. If she’s not it, though, I have every confidence he’ll keep up the search.

Until next time,



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