Across from the Roxy and a Catch-Up Announcement…

How’s it going? I knew it was coming close, but then I missed it…

Yesterday was the 500th post on this blog.

It’s pretty shocking when I think about it. I appreciate everyone who hangs out here, comments, reads, and subscribes (if you know me, you know that already, but some of you don’t, at least not yet).

Thank you! Even if you only stop by once in a while, it’s more than I could hope for to be entertaining you each weekday (or giving it my best shot to do so).

Okay, didn’t want to bask in the glory for too-too long.

Let’s get to it.

Yesterday I had this hilarious (at least to me) conversation with a business receptionist. But it didn’t start out that way.

Monday night, I took my glasses off, and knocked them on my floor. I picked them up, looking for damage. No cracked lenses. The earpiece had folded in, like I do when I put them away before I go to sleep.

I thought everything was fine, until part of the covering for the temple piece (what holds glasses against people’s heads) came off in my hand.

What a bummer. The metal didn’t break, but the rubber at the very end came off. The other part that was intact was cracked, but it had been that way for awhile.

So yesterday, I slipped the piece back on, and taped it in place with clear tape. (Stylish, ain’t it?) And then I thought I probably couldn’t live the rest of my life with it that way, and decided to call around to get it fixed the right way. Apparently, Wal-Mart doesn’t do it, at least not the one in the nearest town.

I hopped on the ol’ Entire-Net and found another place that I’d never heard of, but that was in the same town.

Then I got on the phone. The woman wanted to know the brand of my glasses. I said I didn’t know, but had had them for years (about 10 or so actually). I tried to describe what happened. The woman said it might be fixable, and told me it’d be best for me to stop by. I said I’d try to do that in a day or so if I could, and asked where they were located.

“We’re next to the Roxy.”

And for some strange reason, she kept saying it, like it was supposed to clue me in. It was almost like we were trying to give each other a high-five, but kept missing or what-have-ya. I said I’d look it up, and hung up the phone.

It turns out the Roxy is actually Roxy Cinemas–it’s the movie place downtown.

I’m glad she couldn’t see how embarrassed I was. I’ve gone past that theater and read the movies playing dozens of times–I’m by there twice a week, and I’ve lived in the same spot for about 8 years–that’s over 2,500 times.

And I never knew the actual name of the place.

Here’s my point-erism:

If readers don’t have context, give them some. Even if it’s one familiar piece in your alien landscape for a fantasy short, or a common story or problem to lead into a product that could help them, but that they’d never heard of (yet).

And then springboard from there to the rest of what you have to say–that relatability will keep them with you.

Otherwise, you’ll be headed for Roxy territory–not where you want to be.

Until next time,


P.S. In case you’re wondering, the eyeglasses place was right across the street from the movie theater. The lady tried to repair the broken part, but the rubbery part cracked off. I now have two new, awesome chocolate brown temple pieces, all fitted on–for free.


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