Triple F: Woke Up One Day And…

How’s it going? It’s September 2017 now–hard to believe it was only August yesterday (and I totally forgot to say “until next month” or some jazz when I closed out my last post).

Let’s get to it.

Today is Triple F, which means a prompt for you.

September really walloped in today, meaning it was cold last night, or colder than I’m used to. And it was cold today too (or maybe I’m just used to it being super-warm–yeah, that’s probably it).

So for this week’s prompt, we’ve got:

Something strange happens to your character because of the weather.

And I don’t mean they catch a cold–but if you want to do that, or use a cold to start something, feel free.

How about something like…

Jenny catches the flu. At least she thinks it is, until five green horn-like projections grow out of her forehead and start to curve around her hair. Hmm. All right, what is it? Is she some kind of monster, or did she just get infected by someone in the office–maybe it’s the weird girl who’s always “misplacing” her own lunch in the break room, and swiping hers.

Or maybe Curtis’ nose feels cold (it happens to the best of us), and he thinks it’s fine until his nose swells to 10 times its normal size. The problem is, he doesn’t know why this happened, and he’s starting to get sick maybe, from the intensity of all the smells. His wise old grandpa tells him The Affliction hasn’t manifested that fully for 400 years, and generally goes away in a day or two, but maybe not. So Curtis figures out who invented the nose sock concept, and why.

That’s enough to get the mental snowball rolling.

It’s the first day of September today, which means the weather will probably be turning colder at a faster pace, too.

Make it a great weekend, with good memories, all right?

Until next time (and when we continue this month),



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