Beans, Coughing, and a Bit of a Surprise…

How was your weekend? Mine was restful–lots of chilling out and recuperating (and coughing a lot–but that’s another story for another day).

Anyway, let’s get to it.

October is barely underway to speak of (the 1st was yesterday). So this isn’t quite a first-or-last-day-of-month post, but that’s okay.

The month is still full of possibility and potential inner reflection either way, am I right? It’s getting dark earlier, and a lot of the beans across the road have been picked already (I can still see some, but a large part of the field is just neat lines where beans used to be).

I haven’t done this too many times before (almost none that I can remember), but due to totally foreseen circumstances, I’ll be moving Triple F up to today.

So you get an early-month blog from me and a prompt, too. All right, so your early prompt for this week is:

Your character has to go without food for one day. What happens?

Other than gender and backstory, you’ll have to slip in why the character is going without food for a day. It could be to protest something, or because they told themselves they were going to go shopping and forgot, or what-have-ya. As long as it trots your plot forward, the reason itself can be almost anything.

Desmond was sure he had his car key in his pocket, and locked his car door in the driveway, only to see that the keys had fallen on the floor, under the passenger seat. And the windows are up. Then he remembered he was supposed to get the extra key made, and he didn’t. He’d only just puttered home, hoping to find a full gas can, but he came up dry. The locksmith won’t come for a day, he’s got almost no neighbors, and he’s too tired to walk to town.

Or maybe Carmen thinks she has food in the house, only to figure out that she has a tablespoon of flour and a little salt. Her car’s in the shop, her friends are at a party with zero cell reception, and she can’t get a taxi. (Maybe she’s near Desmond’s house.)

Of course, you can help your characters figure a way out of this, so this doesn’t happen. That’s totally up to you.

Make it a great October 2017, even though it’s not the weekend just yet.

Until next time,



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