I Was Reminded of This TV Character Yesterday

How’s it going? Last post, I mentioned that I’d talk about one of my favorite TV characters (not my all-time favorite), and I figured that should be today, before my writer’s brain gets control of my fingers again and changes things.

Let’s get to it.

When I was growing up (maybe “younger” is a better word here), one of my favorite characters to watch on TV was…

Steve Urkel.

(The actor who played him, Jaleel White, turned 41 yesterday, which is why I was reminded of this whole thing.)

He played his nerdy character on Family MattersĀ really well, I have to say. And he had to use his brain to get out of tricky situations because he didn’t use muscle (despite the fact that he was reasonably good at arm wrestling).

I remember seeing a short clip years ago. A reporter asked Jaleel about his character. He said one of the most important/endearing/what-have-ya qualities about Steve was “he means well.”

Despite all the breaking stuff, fumbling around, and odd antics, I’m assuming.

There are a bunch of different things I could say about this. We could go for:

Making connections to understandable characters

Doing your best and being yourself in every situation


Knowing your characters and prospects well, so you know how they’ll react to a given situation, or what they want/need to make their lives better based on what they’re struggling with right now

Realizing characters live in a world that’s normal for them, and do normal things, and using that to your advantage

Building deep characters and worlds that reveal more and more as readers keep coming back

And loads more…

This are goals for some of us, to be sure. And that’s about all I have for today.

But I will also say that Steve also gave me a well-needed glimpse into how other people dealt with things like being made fun of.

Even though, in the end, Steve was entirely made up.

Until next time,



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