Here’s How the D&D Session Went–Even I Was Surprised…

How’s it going?

Let’s get to it.

Last post, I mentioned I was going to be playing D&D for the first time ever. That happened last night…

And boy, was it a ride.

I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll try not to bore you with too many particulars of the campaign, in case you’re not interested in that kind of thing (and that’s not going to be the focus of this post anyway).

The gist of it was that my character was sent alone to find two guys who are lost in a cave. And along the way, we have to find an important box and bring it back to the guy who sent me on this little excursion.

I found the guys all right. Turns out the box had goofy symbols on it that are similar to those we found on chained-up zombies who seem to be guarding everything for some evil organization obsessed with death (rosy, I know).

After shattering a hammer trying to open the box, we showed it to a pawn shop owner. Instead of telling us anything about it, he locked us in the shop, ran out the back, and summoned some guards and military to come get us.


One of our guys put the weirdo box in his bag, and we got out of there.

On the way out of town, a bus on the side of the road caught our eye. I’m not sure if we stopped or if the NPC guy who was driving our car for story purposes stopped on his own.

As soon as we figured the driver was slumped in another seat, my instincts were screaming to get out of there. But I ignored them.

Long story short, the box got confiscated, and another dude and I ended up being driven who-knows-where in the trunk of a car. Oh, and we’re turkey-trussed.

All because I rolled too low to avoid spilling my guts while being questioned (while my gnomish companion hit the Fort Knox jackpot and kept his mouth shut).

My point here? It’s very different being part of something because you’re sharing in it vs. being in a position where you know everything.

I knew basically zip about this game as a whole, and I didn’t know the plan at all (and kept forgetting parts of it as we went along).

For your readers, they don’t know what you’re doing until you tell them (or hint at things to keep them reading, as several characters did during this caper of ours–characters who seemed to know a heck of a lot more than we did).

This was live action fiction–the GM gave us details and we followed. I don’t know what’s going to happen now.

But I’m eagerly waiting for the time when I can get out of the trunk.

And I’m having high-volume suspicions about one of our traveling companions, as well as this guy who wanted me to get the box, I’ll tell you that much.

Tomorrow is Triple F, so be sure to stop by.

Until next time,



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