From Phenomenal to Eh in One Step…

How’s it going? Last night was another interesting night of D&D, and I’ll be giving you less detail about it, because the part that will help you out, I think (other than the fact that I’m getting my storytelling and observation sharpened by being involved) actually happened before all the action.

Let’s get to it.

I’m still learning stuff about D&D (I considered making a series of posts about it, or reserving one day a week, but the time will come, eventually, when this campaign and its story will be over).

I was getting all the pages with my powers on them to refer to during the game itself, and I asked my brother what “Power Level Known” meant on the sheet.

I thought that I could choose powers that corresponded with my level number (so since I’m level 4, I can choose powers from the 4th level column, right?).

Uh, no.

It finally clicked that my character type (I’m a psi-stalker), can only pick powers from a list that grants them more types of powers every other level. So right now, at level 4, I can only choose powers from the 1st and 2nd power lists.

The third-level powers I want (one that heals me and another than does a ton more damage than I can do now) I unlock starting at level 5 (when I can only pick one of the two).

So instead of me being able to knock people clean out of the galaxy, I can just knock them out of their boots or swat their hats off.

At least I figured that all out before combat started (which went well, by the way, despite the group I’m in being almost auctioned off to a bunch of cannibals, and having to chase down the leader and engage some guards at a stash house).

As a writer, there are some things you perfect as you go along, even though you know the general ideas behind what you’re doing (how to write subject lines or headlines, how to get character details into the story without becoming obnoxious, and what-have-ya).

It’s part of the process. The thing is, like D&D has been for me so far, things are quite different when you’re actually experiencing it than it is before or after (

Tomorrow is  Triple F. Be sure to stop by.

Until next time,



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