Part 2: How the Gaming Youtuber Sucked Me into His World without Breaking a Sweat…

How’s it going? All right, I admit it–I will end up turning the post about the gamer Youtuber (number one of which was yesterday/over here) into a series for this week.

I hope you enjoy.

Let’s get to it.

Over what turned out to be the hours and hours I ended up listening to this guy (in 5 minute chunks or so), there are things that struck me about things he kept saying. Stuff like:

I’m not the best.

I’m still learning this.

If you ask me a question, I’ll try to find the answer if I don’t know.

He just seemed like a guy who didn’t take life too seriously, and who wanted to impart knowledge to people while having fun (something I know I need to get better at, of course).

So I felt we had things in common, not only as content creators, but as gamers, too. And he made it look effortless (he also plays other games on Youtube, so he’s done this kind of thing for quite a longer time than I have, or it seemed like it).

And for some reason, I liked the guy, even though we’ve never met. And, even though I was intimidated (and a little jealous–all right, a lot jealous) of the 18 levels ahead of me he is, he somehow softened the blow without using those words. He made it seem like it was no big deal–tossing out alternatives for this or that strategy, and what-have-ya.

That’s how everything added up to the power of commonality.

People like to read about characters who are like them, whether they’re in a book or they’re struggling in real life with the same problem. This isn’t always the case–I mean, I can’t relate to the characters Liam Neeson plays, or to characters like Batman or Spiderman if they were real, but I still like to watch them.

But for some reason, I think of that as some kind of separate thing.

Overall, though, the more you can create the perception of commonality (or “understandability” for evil guys/gals for your characters) or prospects you’re writing to, the better off you’ll be.

How about you? How important is commonality to you when you’re writing characters for your stories or copy for clients? Drop me a line in the comments.

Tomorrow I’ll cover a bit about how this Youtuber handled branding (and why I think it’s a goofy word).

Until next time,



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