2018: The First Super Bowl Post after the Game

How was your weekend? Mine was a bit out of the ordinary–went shopping in the morning…the cold, cold morning. Lots of wind. And then it snowed a teeny amount in the afternoon. Of course, the thing I hoped I’d be able to talk about this week is what I want to talk about now…

The Super Bowl. This will probably be a tad longer than some other posts, because I want to combine some game details (and major spoilers) with one of the first commercials that caught my eye in between all the action).

Let’s get to it.

Usually I focus on the commercials from a fiction and copy standpoint. If reports were correct, the ad folks reduced the price a little (or maybe a lot), but I enjoyed the game.¬†Mostly because I like football. The fact that there was over 1,000 total yardage didn’t matter to me (even though it was the most in any postseason game ever, including any Super Bowl).

Or that the commentators threw around the acronym RPO a lot (and explained that it means “run pass option,” which means the QB has a choice whether to do passing or running plays).

I just wanted to see the Eagles win it because they hadn’t won at all (well, in 1960 they did, but I don’t think championships became Super Bowls officially until after that), and the Patriots have won this thing something like 6 times.

After several extra point kicks and two point conversions were blown along the way, I didn’t really know what to think of the game. But things started picking up.

There was an interception, but only after the dude caught the ball and accidentally flipped it so it was caught by the New England guy–so the quarterback gets the interception on his permanent record, so to speak, even though it wasn’t his fault.

I don’t think any interceptions were thrown directly to some dude on the opposite team, but Brady, the Patriots quarterback, got sacked and lost the ball (the only sack of the game), which the Eagles recovered and turned into a field goal (and three points). Because they took so much time, the Patriots couldn’t do much of anything in the last seconds of the game.

The Eagles won, 41-33.

The play where the Eagles dudes passed it to the quarterback (Foles) in the end zone for a touchdown was pretty cool.

Okay, one of the first commercials I’ll mention that caught my eye was actually the one from Wendy’s. It basically said a competitor freezes their beef and we don’t, so come try our freshly prepared jazz for yourself, will you?

This is actually the two-pronged fork of the benefit idea (mostly for you copywriters). You can talk about something that’s positive about what you’re offering, and mention something negative that someone else is doing and why you’re better.

This works for almost anything, but for some reason having close-ups of burgers made it pretty cool (and made me think of food even though I’d just eaten, darn it).

Not sure how many other ways I could put that. As long as you’re rock solid about the truth of the positives and negatives of what you’re comparing from a factual standpoint, you should be fine.

And drop me a line in the comments–did you watch the game? What did you think of it? And I’ll be using the Super Bowl for more creative juice throughout the week, so be sure to come back.

Until next time,



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