2018: Post 3 after the Game…This Was Everywhere. Nope, It’s a…

How’s it going? This is post 3 of my Super Bowl commercial breakdown (well, the ones that impacted me a lot, anyway–sure there was more, but I don’t want to be here forever…that’s not sporting).

I’ll probably end up doing a short tack-on with another commercial or two tomorrow.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

I want to talk about an ad set that was just so darn clever even though it was technically a mashup.

I’m talking about the Tide ads.

These clever ads took what you expected the product to be based on the original ad (Old Spice, Mr. Clean, what-have-ya) and slipped Tide in there instead.

There was even someone who commented on Reddit about these ads that he didn’t remember much about the other detergent commercial (for Persil) because he was busy wondering when it’d be sprung on him it was a Tide ad, too (or thereabouts).

It’s a bit like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. The British soldiers have him on the docks (I think that exchange is one of the most brilliant in all of movies and TV). In one part of it, one of the soldiers says “You got to be the worse pirate I ever heard of.”

And Jack says “But you have heard of me.”

But instead of being negative, this is super positive. I chuckled at every one of the ads with the horse and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. The original Mr. Clean ad was a bit more on the shock value side (at least to me), and the Lincoln/Lexus/what-have-ya ad (with Matthew McC.) was pretty cool. That made it in there too, along with beer commercials, mattress commercials, pop commercials, and a few others (they even parodied a jewelry ad).

With a little pivot, they’ve inserted themselves into all those ads now, as a funny surprise. When people have an emotional reaction to something, especially if it’s funny, it’s sticks more and better/longer (no official research, just an observation).

These ads are also interesting because they broke the pattern of the original ad, and people remember what’s different.

Nope, it’s a Tide ad…right? They even planted a seed to have people watch the ads just to see if they’d turn out to be another ad for Tide. A little subconscious nudge that more smiles were on their way.

Tomorrow is post 4. I’ll be back then.

Until next time,



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