Fiction File: There’s the Weather Everywhere, and Sometimes This Is with It…

How’s it going? I blogged about the weather recently, and yesterday it was around freezing again. At least it wasn’t muddy.

I decided to make this a for fictioning-folks only Fiction File, because I didn’t think copywriters could get a lot of benefit out of this one (unless they have something they listen to, to pump up their writing mood–that’s the subject of another post…not to mention the cat hopping out of the bag).

Let’s get to it.

I was listening to a bit of music in a game yesterday, and I remembered a quote from the character Lorne from the show Angel, (which is now like a billion years old in TV terms).

He talked about the dimension where he came from (in the “Through the Looking Glass” episode) and said:

“There’s no music in my world.”

As a musician myself, I enjoy music–even if I can’t play the piano, guitar, or what-have-ya that’s being played for me.

Sometimes when I go outside, I hear birds–to me, that’s music. So is rain, trees, and more–it’s all noise that is meaningful to someone for some reason.

I think a world without music would be a horrible place. That’s also why I think of music itself as an underused part of fiction, to an extent.

The problem with it is that it’s so subjective and powerful at the same time. If I tell you “Hey, that sounds like La Donna e Mobile,” either you’re hearing it in your head now, or you aren’t.

And if you aren’t, I’ve totally lost you.

So it’s a blessing and a curse. If characters understand that the music has some significance (the start of harvest season, safety, or something else), that may be better than just saying someone is hearing XYZ artist, because lots of readers may have never heard of them.

Maybe that explains why I haven’t used music myself in fiction very much, or as much as I should.

What about you? Do you put music in your fiction a lot? Or do you enjoy music overall? Drop me a line in the comments.

Tomorrow is Triple F. Be sure to stop by.

Until next time,



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