About Me and My Writing Journey

I’ve lived in Illinois all my life, up to this point. Right now, that means living in a country house north of a medium-sized town, not far from LOTS of smaller towns. I’ve visited Black Sand Beach in Hawaii, the Badlands of South Dakota, and a junkyard (that one was more of an extended stay). My travels have taken me far.

A lot like my writing, actually.

I started writing in school, and a science fiction story of mine was turned into a play at the local library (not bad for a third-grader).

In 2004, I signed up to be mentored in how to write for magazines through a correspondence course from Long Ridge Writers Group. For my shorter work, I write and submit to magazines whenever I can (favoring online magazines to cut down on mailing costs, of course). My favorite types of fiction are science fiction and fantasy—but I lean more toward the mental/special ability spectrum of SF than the robots/spaceships/future side. For longer work, I’ve ghostwritten three children’s books, two of which are early learning.

In 2012, I discovered copywriting, and joined Autoresponder Apprentice, an email writing mentoring program from American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI). And I’ve been learning how to write attention-grabbing emails ever since.

I’ve written sample email series (one for a copywriting course, one for a resume writing course). I’ve also written sample single emails for an internet marketing product, a trumpet product, and a harmonica instructional product.

But copywriting seemed strange. Some things I was learning from my instructor Jay White were concepts I used as a fiction writer–only this time, they were applied to get a different result, or given a different name.

That’s why I started this blog. I want to share what I’ve learned–one post at a time.

Let’s get to it.