Like a Hyperactive Child, but Inside

How’s it going?

Let’s get to it.

Sometimes when I see a lot of something at once or one big deadline, I get jumpy inside. And if I decide to take stock after a deep breath (sometimes I don’t), I usually get a no to one or more of these questions:

Have I had enough water today?

Have I gone outside for a bit today?

Have I exercised a bit or more today?

And to that point I don’t do strenuous exercise.

You may have a different list of questions you can ask yourself if you get rid of stress some other way. And if it is cold outside, if I do need to get outdoors, it’s less than five minutes.

The pointola?

Sometimes something as simple as getting outside can help. Since humans react to things in the moment, they may not do what’s best for them.

It sounds weird, but it can be comfortable being stuck. Part of undoing that is knowing you want to do something else.

Tomorrow is podcast day. Be sure to stop by.

Until next time,


For those of you who didn’t catch, I penned a little something for the Manuscripts blog about connecting ideas here:


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